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  1. NuclearJACK

    Urus, slammed Computer Rendering

    Happened to see this on Reddit tonight. Not sure what to think Its originally from Instagram Im told so giving credt to
  2. NuclearJACK

    Throw Back Testarossa Video

    Scottsdale Ferrari had an 85 Testarossa out front this week but in Red, and a 308, both looked great
  3. NuclearJACK

    Lambo Power is Going Social!

    Thanks, wanted to make sure I found the right thing. makes sense to have it easy to access for people that want to keep connected but not commit to a facebook group
  4. NuclearJACK

    Lambo Power is Going Social!

    the Facebook thing is a page and not a group right? Nothing to join just follow.
  5. NuclearJACK

    Flood Control

    when trying to search the site I would often hit flood control and with the new site searching seems to hit something similar. I do a search for something then attempt to click the next page of results when I get the the below error. When you search how many seconds do you have to wait before clicking next page on the results? It seems the new site has Sorry, there is a problem Please wait 288 seconds before attempting another search Error code: 1C205/3
  6. vehicle virgins popped into my head reading this. I watch most of Dougs videos until they get to the scoring when I close the page. Just done care for that part of it.
  7. I love these Doug videos, for someone like me that rarely sees a Lamborghini in person let alone sit in one, these videos really help give me a sense of what they are like to drive.
  8. NuclearJACK

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    Seems likes is a combo of both, he rarely takes about his family but google does show some hints. Such as him saying. " My granddad got a Noble M12 GTO when he was in his 80s and was taking me to rallies and things." and another site claims that " Shmee150’s father is indeed a very successful London based investment banker/stockbroker " but last year it was said that "He has over two and a half million likes on Facebook, over a million followers on Instagram and expects to hit one million subscribers on Youtube within six to eight weeks. When that happens, Shmee150 will be the first private car social media account in the world to reach over a million people across all three visual social media platforms."
  9. NuclearJACK

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    ok so crazy jumping guy is super annoying and requires all his videos on mute to get through but I have to admit this one made me laugh
  10. NuclearJACK

    — Site Announcement — A Familiar Look is Back!

    I wanted to throw out the idea of cleaning up the pinned/sticky posts. For example, Under General the "Teenagers, go play somewhere" else could be combined with they "Everyone please read" and perhaps renamed to "Forum rules/guidelines" and in Off topic the sticky about "fewer then 200 posts warning", could that be added combined with the other two? maybe have it pinned in both General and Off topic? I really love the classic black and gold and I'm glad that is back and looking forward to the rest of the improvements/changes that are coming.
  11. NuclearJACK

    New Site

    I thought this wasn't the new site but a temp site until they get the new site up and going.
  12. NuclearJACK

    Who knows of the magic hangover cure pill?

    The magic cure is intravenous fluid apparently Short of that water right before bed means you might get up to pee but less chance of a hang over. the more water you can drink the better off you are.
  13. NuclearJACK


    Doug shows you around the Urus
  14. NuclearJACK

    good netflix shows?

    Fastest Car is out on Netflix today. I skipped right to episode 4 to see what TeamSalamone would do. not sure how I feel about the show premise but it was very interesting to learn more about TeamSalamone
  15. NuclearJACK

    Fatal accident Aventador SV roadster Toronto

    Another article that shows photos of a second white Lamborghini on the scene from the article "York Regional Police said a 2017 blue Lamborghini, a 2014 grey Mercedes, a 2010 white Dodge Caravan, a 2009 blue Toyota Corolla and a 2005 silver Toyota were involved in the crash." "York paramedics said a female passenger inside the Lamborghini was pronounced dead at the scene while the male driver was taken to hospital with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. The driver and passenger in a silver Toyota were taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, but police said in a statement Monday afternoon their conditions improved to stable. The drivers of the three other vehicles had minor injuries."