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  1. How did you catch that but miss " members and event guests "?
  2. Who in Canada is waiting for their SVJ? It was in the Auto Port in Halifax. looks amazing!!! PS: not my photo or Instagram.
  3. Can you switch me back to 2.0 theme? I clicked another theme today as well and lost the option to switch it again. Thank you
  4. last two days when clicking unread content I am getting the error " The search index is currently processing. Activity stream results may not be complete. " also where is the setting to have posts load the latest reply/page instead of the first page? IE a post with 11 pages, I want it to load the 11th page. Is that an option I just cant find?
  5. they talked about the wing. Below isn't from the show but they basically said the same except didn't mention Walter Wolf. "That iconic rear wing was purely cosmetic. The Countach actually suffers front axle lift at high speed, and bolting a park bench out back only exacerbates the issue. But customers loved the look, so engineers zeroed out the wing’s angle, rendering it nonfunctional. Designed as a one-off for F1 impresario Walter Wolf, the spoiler wasn’t an official option, either. Once it caught on, circa 1976, Lamborghini couldn’t afford to re-homologate the car with a new aero appendage. As a workaround, completed cars were pulled off the assembly line and into the factory parking lot, where employees installed the rear wing—using an electric hand drill—while awaiting dealer transport. The job took about 10 minutes" Is that what you meant or is there more to the story?
  6. my first thought is because people hate change dont ask this question until they have had time to get used to it. But I will say that the welcome banner/photo is massive. and the second photo "state of affairs" button for "more information" gives me an error or " You do not have permission to view this page " Also the VIP Info button gives the same error
  7. Happened to see this on Reddit tonight. Not sure what to think Its originally from Instagram Im told so giving credt to https://www.instagram.com/the_kyza
  8. Scottsdale Ferrari had an 85 Testarossa out front this week but in Red, and a 308, both looked great
  9. Thanks, wanted to make sure I found the right thing. makes sense to have it easy to access for people that want to keep connected but not commit to a facebook group
  10. the Facebook thing is a page and not a group right? Nothing to join just follow.
  11. when trying to search the site I would often hit flood control and with the new site searching seems to hit something similar. I do a search for something then attempt to click the next page of results when I get the the below error. When you search how many seconds do you have to wait before clicking next page on the results? It seems the new site has Sorry, there is a problem Please wait 288 seconds before attempting another search Error code: 1C205/3
  12. vehicle virgins popped into my head reading this. I watch most of Dougs videos until they get to the scoring when I close the page. Just done care for that part of it.
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