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  1. I booked marked the unread content page so that's the only thing I see with the new format. I scroll down the list of threads and then click the make site read button. I find the new format much easier to use then the old. I have been around since the launch but cant contribute much as I rarely see a lambo let alone have one. Seems to be more technical questions these days rather then Lamborghini lifestyle threads not that I'm in a position to complain.
  2. Have you seen this article, it explains the problem with C5s sales? https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a32169/the-corvettes-that-dont-get-driven-sold-or-bought/
  3. Im not a business owner but a simply employee that works for a travel call center..... Its not good. We are owned by an American company but our client is Canadian and calls volume is crazy right now but actual bookings. (the money maker) is way day. I'm expecting 20% reduction in hour/salary soon as they are asking for volunteers for that. Being very rural I have little to no chance of getting the virus and already have a stockpile of TP due to MIL obsession with buying on sale so should be ok.
  4. Its way bigger using firefox and chrome then it is with IE if that help any.
  5. Is that a Maisto in 1/18 scale? I have one but in red
  6. My thoughts were not so much why they want a Lambo but if the attention would out weigh the enjoyment.
  7. on a semi related note are their really a lot of introverts that buy Lamborghini?
  8. I forgot all about that. I once clicked on Unread Content and then booked marked that as my Lpower site so I never see it. I had to go back to the home page to see that its still there. I agree though it should be about 1/2 its current height in my opinion
  9. maybe I'm a grumpy old man now or maybe its a mistake but does it seem dirty to put in the title. "1990 Lamborghini Countach PRICE IN USD. BRAND NEW !" and then the price say CAD with the currency converter option. It being for sale in Canada the Canadian price would be $748,022 in Canadian.
  10. How did you catch that but miss " members and event guests "?
  11. Who in Canada is waiting for their SVJ? It was in the Auto Port in Halifax. looks amazing!!! PS: not my photo or Instagram.
  12. Can you switch me back to 2.0 theme? I clicked another theme today as well and lost the option to switch it again. Thank you
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