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Help diagnosing P1426

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Hi, 2004 Murcielago e-gear with 14,000 miles.

new to me, has Kreissieg exhaust, I think the cats are in place. Soft exhaust note.

my wife was driving and got engine light. She said it was left and right banks.

pulled P1426, erased and took test drive. Same error came back. No other codes.

Been checking thermocouple and ECU block. Looks ok. I am going to post pics because don’t know what they are supposed to look like.

first pic thermocouple in cat

second pic thermocouple wire in ECU block

third pic ECU block with cover off




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Tried cleaning connections and had my wife drive. She is really aggressive and drives it like she means it. Some hesitation around 4000 rpm. Threw codes p1306, p1405 along with p1426.

I think that means it is misfiring. Maybe new spark plugs will fix it.

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51 minutes ago, chucklehead said:

NGK is recommending 4347 instead of 2316.

Anyone using this plug? 2004 Murcielago 

Do you have a link to this information? NGK makes cross reference tables and I remember the table showing the stock Champion matching to 2316.

I am using 2316 in my 04 for a couple of months now with no issues.

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