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Thinking of selling my 1 of 3 USA gated Performante


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Fellow enthusiasts,

I am contemplating selling my gated Performante. I love the car but have to make room for another car. I've also had it a fair amount of time and I also don't have time to drive it much anymore.


- black with black alcantara interior with red stitching

- My understanding is that it is 1 of only 3 gated Performantes ever delivered to the USA.

- Car had full front PPF when I bought it. I replaced this original PPF with new PPF when I bought the car as it had some marks etc  and the front was in mint condition underneath.

- It just completed a full service in April with all fluids, new tires, etc

- Car only has 12,500 miles on it.

- Car has custom K40 install

I am not in a rush to sell as the other car I have coming in will not be here for a while etc.

I would like to see it go to a good home. It is a stunning car to look at and drive. I turn up to some Ferrari events in it and it often steals the show :D

If you have ever wanted one of these in particular or any gated Gallardo, I would say this is the one.

Pictures attached.

PM if interested and thoughts welcome on best way to sell.








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I should have bloody bought that when it was avail 3/4 years ago! Was at Houston or Dallas right? I def. remember seeing the ad!



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