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  1. Congrats matey - sounds fantastic!
  2. Please slit your wrists. Vertically.
  3. You just don't get the picture, do you?
  4. LA_Brit

    Back at Cats!

    Multiple times. The old wanker probably can't feel anything down there anyway. May even excite him after a few kicks!
  5. Ugly thing! Audi Q8 looks better.
  6. My honest opinion mate is that this needs a lot of changes as is - there's way too much going on IMO on the exterior where it looks disjointed and some of the interior detail needs more consideration. Take it with a pinch of salt but this is what i would do: Exterior: The livery looks way off - giallo like you said would look better. Axe the 63 on the front hood. Brake Calipers to match the livery Consider changing the A Pillar to body color. Rear deck lid and upper intakes need to be body color IMO - not enough blue on the exterior with all the dark carbon accents. Move SVJ logo back to the fender Rims: Need to be bright gold, not bronze. Center locks match livery. Wing should have pinstripes along the outer edges on the side view. Interior: All alcantara seats, not a mix of leather. I'd invert the seats as they are now - blue on outer AND inner bolsters, black insert with giallo stripe and stitching. Behind seats - All blue with 63 and hexagon shape things in giallo to match seat insert color. Transmission tunnel - all blue with the giallo stitching Center console - black Lower dash - leave blue. Upper dash - black to reduce glare, i get it. Would be cool to see it all blue though! Door pulls - giallo All the best - you can't really go too wrong - the thing is epic.
  7. Love electric cars - have a Tesla M3P. The Taycan is mega - enjoy it and get rid of those god awful rims!
  8. Honestly i think you're fcuking batshit (pun intended - Corona) to take delivery and spend that dough when you can have an SVJ for what, 200k less?
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