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  1. I wouldn't buy from Capristo again - i had a valved system installed on my speciale and it was bloody expensive and didn't scream as it should have done. The low down pitch was similar to what you experienced on the Murci.
  2. I like Doug! Shmee on the other hand, along with a bunch of US youtube cunts are unwatchable!
  3. The more SVJ's i see, the more i think the SV is the pick of the litter. But Im a cunt so my opinion is worthless.
  4. Even considering your latest purchase?!
  5. You mean still for sale.
  6. That's much better! Is there a way to make that the default setting?
  7. You know what it is? When you click all activity or unread content, i would MUCH rather see a link to the thread as opposed to each comment to various topics, that way i can see what the thread topic is and choose whether to read the responses. It would also take up far less space and be more readable IMO. It would also make it far more familiar.
  8. I don't like the platform at all tbh - i don't find it user friendly, have hardly used it since the changes so perhaps i should give it more of a chance.
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