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  1. LA_Brit


    I don't think he planned it at all as opposed to taking advantage of a situation that happened.
  2. LA_Brit


    He's a fcuking schmuck. He's gonna sell all the cars, sue macca stating he fears for his life and had to sell them, wait for a settlement from him and his insurance company - someone told me he insured the Senna for what he paid (including the 500k overs) and for another 500k on top of that so he's smiling all the way to the bank on this one and will end up buying a Chiron or something similar when that dust settles.
  3. LA_Brit


    Thanks! I developed mixed use resi buildings here for 5 years but this will be my first personal development. Plan is to keep and rent it out so i always have a property in London and sell the house above. We shall see what happens...Brexit has fucked me massively.
  4. LA_Brit


    I recently got planning permission for a 2 bed, 2 bath 1050sq ft basement apartment i am building below my house in London. Only took 3 years and $100k of planning fees...sheesh. I have to resubmit to change one design element, hopefully that'll go through quickly and then it's time to build!
  5. LA_Brit

    Happy Birthday Allan!

    Congrats on making it to 70!
  6. LA_Brit

    California Fires

    This is very possible but wouldn't expect people to buy - rent instead, but this is Malibu and $$$ is aplenty.
  7. LA_Brit

    California Fires

    That makes zero sense. The market is cooling for sure - 7/10 properties seem to have a down arrow on various sites for price reductions.
  8. LA_Brit

    Cheating on Lambo today

    I can confirm it is a lovely feeling to drive a Bentley.
  9. LA_Brit

    California Fires

  10. LA_Brit

    California Fires

    Thanks chaps!
  11. LA_Brit

    Few pics from the other day...

  12. LA_Brit

    California Fires

    Fire stopped 12 houses up the street from mine. Couple neighbours burnt down. Scary stuff.