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  1. Similar with the Diablo, you could buy a crazy priced one from Lambo or get the exact same alternator from a Porsche 928 for $150. Good find and thanks for sharing.
  2. Wouldn't mind seeing the ruins some time. Looks very nice!
  3. It is fairly cheap at least lol.
  4. I have thought of trying this as there are some long bike paths near me and looks like it would be a good workout
  5. Chipster

    Diablo intro

    Never heard of anyone removing that.
  6. Very interesting series and highly recommend. Episode with the dogs was a tough watch though.
  7. If renting and since the car wouldn't be out all the time, you might be able to get away with ever registering that one. Maybe not so lucky with the daily drivers though.
  8. Where in VA? I live in Chantilly but mine are registered at my property in Fredericksburg. Since the Pantera is an antique I dont deal with this now but in the past the valuation was all over the place. I.e., when I still had my Diablo in 2015, they valued it at like $37k lol (so assessed annual tax was about 1275 but there was 220 relief, so about 1055 a year). Diablo was worth more so I have no idea how they came up with it but sure wasn't going to complain. When I had my 05 Gallardo in 2016, they valued it at $104k (yearly bill was about $2800 after about $200 relief) . So it was hard to tell what to expect. Try contacting meandmyredcorvette on the other forum. He has 1 or 2 6.0s and lives near me so he can probably give a better idea on how much they value them at. Hope that helps!
  9. There was a dark gray one at C and C this weekend with oramge calipers and black wheels. Looked hot!
  10. A classic. How's maintenance been?
  11. 1. Diablo 2. Murcielago 3. Aventador SV 4. Aventador 5. Huracan 6. Gallardo
  12. I saw the pics on FB with him and Valentino in traditional Japanese garb. Looked like a great event.
  13. Just got this today. Haven't tried it yet, so I'll comment back tomorrow. This brand has others like Bourbon barrel aged or whiskey, or rum, etc.
  14. Chipster

    V10 swap into.....

    It's more so labor because many won't work on them. Indy shop last year quoted me like 3-4k per head for a head and valve job. There are some aftermarket suspension and brakes parts but even OEM parts are hard to find. Full rebuilds are typically 10k. It's a lot for car that's only worth 5-10k, it's an XJ6. Now I can see spending that on an XKE though.
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