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  1. Too different. For SUV the new G63 or a Rover SVR would get my vote. For a wagon, the upcoming RS6 Avant hands down.
  2. Lambo stuff or bull stuff used to rent tools
  3. I guess I should clarify that they work stock but there are improvements available. I just installed the modern fuse box this weekend. Also got a Radiator Fan Controller, Headlight Motor Controller, Ignition Switch Controller and push button start that I'll be working on in the next few weekends. Probably swapping out the radiator with a new Fluidyne unit too. I'll have to get some better pics.
  4. Probably a grail car for a manual G. I am sure you'll get a lot of interest.
  5. In a Diablo, it's the shoe width that gets you. Most people wear puma speed cats or something similar.
  6. Damn, that sucks. I can't say I remember hearing much about these
  7. Rake is a good one.
  8. Typical issues are with power draw for the headlight motors, ignition system and cooling system. There is a company called Pantera Electronics in Pennsylvania that sells a lot of quality upgrades though, like conversion to a standard fuse box with LED lighting (green and red) to denote failures. Motor controllers for ignition and cooling that control power loading better. And there is a parking brake kit that uses Tesla calipers (the hydraulic parking brake system sucks and loses pressure after a few hours). I will likely be doing a lot of the PE upgrades over the winter.
  9. Corrosion and electronics are the big items to check when buying. Prices are also all over the place. I bought my 72 in February and very happy with it.
  10. He said it did end up being the pressure plate stuck to clutch. Bring outside in the elements and the heat lately I guess did it. So it was a quick fix at the shop. This is my old G by the way.
  11. Did you do ground jumpers? I did jumpers between water temp to other dash ground and it helped gauge readings. Also mitigated impact for when headlights were on.
  12. I hope it's simple and that's the issue bud!
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