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  1. Chipster

    Look what finally got here!

    Love the interior!
  2. Chipster

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Oops, guess my reply in the other thread can be ignored since this is interim version. Glad to be back and thanks to the admin handling this.
  3. Chipster

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    Damn, congrats!!
  4. Chipster


    I saw this on Bringatrailer haha. Very cool. Seems like the best color combo I've seen on one of these.
  5. Chipster

    Talk to me about Defenders!

    Damn, very surprised to hear so much in terms of bad reviews. Had considered finding a restored one. Luckily there is an importer not too far from me. Sounds like a test drive would be valuable!
  6. Chipster

    Is the Model X a perfect daily driver?

    Haha. I'm actually selling my Tundra too. Signed a bill of sale today. Gonna buy something kinda Italian in the near future to be a weekend toy!
  7. Chipster

    My Murcie.....

    The battery looks good! Thanks for sharing
  8. Chipster

    Allan is pissed!!!

    Very cool! Rotiform has some good looking wheels and they seem to work pretty well on a lot of different cars. White on red is the best but I'm biased.
  9. Chipster

    Garage coming along

    Very clean set up!
  10. Chipster

    Is the Model X a perfect daily driver?

    I have no desire to go full electric because of the range and locations of charging spots. I also couldn't imagine spending the money for a Tesla. After buying a house earlier this year, my commute jumped to about 100 a day and I bought little Prius C for 13,XXX. Averaging about 60 mpg and have gotten up to 78.6 mpg on a 12 mile and almost 71 on a 40 mile drive. Over 500 miles on a tank...9 gallons or less. That's enough cost savings for me. Done almost 10k miles since early April.
  11. Chipster

    New toy

    Love the color choice!! Congrats on the success!
  12. Chipster

    Twins always wanted a matching set

    Damn, yeah that looks perfect! Very tasteful.
  13. Chipster

    Twins always wanted a matching set

    Isn't it a Wraith? Cool pic either way though!
  14. Sounds killer! Hopefully the clutch job is holding up ok Lol! Feels like long ago that it was mine.
  15. Chipster

    Please help me by voting for my company

    I tried lol. I think same as all the above. Not sure if it doesn't like mobile