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  1. Yeah, I'd pull dash pod and lights panel and chevk for solid connections and good grounds.
  2. Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Very affordable. Good looking car with the Nero package and fun even though it's a Turbo 4. My wife has a 19 and has been a solid car.
  3. Saw the Boot article on FN the other day. Very cool to see your progress and success!
  4. PayPal randomly locked access on my account the other day. Made me upload copy of DL to verify. Took a few days to "clear" right in the middle of buying something on eBay. I def prefer Venmo.
  5. What Allen said. I like the site and think the prices are reasonable for most cars, no different than other auction sites. While there are some knowledgeable people who post, there are definitely a lot of tirekickers.
  6. There is a red 91 or 92 for sale at 119 asking on ebay. Needs a new clutch at least.
  7. Very nice! Happy with the Mac?
  8. Always liked the variety in your stable!
  9. Hey thank you guys. The seller stopped responding to me, so I'm holding off for now but will keep you both in mind if I find another. My US version was pretty rusted and I found a good deal on a US replacement, so I may stick with that for now and focus on some aftermarket wheels instead.
  10. I'm trying to buy a used euro bumper off ebay for my 74 XJ6. The seller has said he will wrap it and be available for shipper pick up but the ebay listing isn't set to allow shipment to the US. So I can't buy or bid on there. Was going to see if someone might be willing to buy for me and I can PayPal you? And then I'll coordinate the shipping with him. It is located in West Malling, UK. Shipping looks to be about $140, if that sounds right? Never coordinated shipping from the UK before. Thanks Chip
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