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How to launch and Aventador on a dragstrip?

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There are many videos of Aventadors having problems to gain traction after launching on a prepped dragstrip because of the way the launch system works and would cause the car to be between 0.2-0.7 secs slower than it actually is.

there were some Aventadors that could launch properly and get a good time but alot pf them still have this problem.

Among these few Aventadors that could launch good, I found a very interesting one...

It launched very similar to how Huracan launches on a dragstrip with good tires and got a 1.61 60ft! Unfortunately the time wasn't shown at the end but it must have been around 10.6-10.5 secs. 

I found another one and in this one they said the actual time the car acheived. 
It didn't launch as smooth as the previous Aventador but got a 1.6 sec 60ft and a time of 10.5 secs at 136 mph. The car it was racing against (TT manual R8) got 11.0 secs.

The third car was of course Randy Savage's SVJ tested by Brooks from Dragtimes. 
It had one of the hardest launches, so hard it did a wheelie twice! The best time he got was 10.57 secs at 131.8 mph(10.59 134 mph on dragy) and did a 1.64 sec 60ft at it's best

There is another car that also got a decent time. This SVJ got a 10.60 at 214.9 km/h (133.6 mph) (60ft wasn't said but it could be around 1.69/1.7 because in it's other 2 runs which it got a 10.62 it did 60ft in 1.70 and 1.72) launching very similar to how it would launch on normal surface.

I just wanted to bring this up to see of anyone has tried to do a run on a prepped dragstrip in this forum and to bring some solutions that might work:

1- sticky tires and using burnout mode

as you might know Aventador has another way of launching other than thrust mode, aka burnout mode.

to do it you have to switch ESC off but this time instead of Corsa mode, you got to be on sport mode and also you don't have to hold the brakes in order to launch it. After you switched ESC off and were on sport mode, just slam the gas and you will go off as the revs hit around 4500 rpm.

this mode sends most of the power to the rear wheels and thus here comes the use of some sticky tires.

Brooks from Dragtimes did a similar method with his Ferrari F8. However he couldn't get enough grip and thus spun a bit and didn't do the time he wanted. But seeing Aventador SVJ doing a wheelie on normal Pzeros doing 0-60 in 2.9 secs kinda suggests that this method might actually work on a heavier car like Aventador.

thrust mode might also work but the reason I said burnout mode is because in some cases the car might slip the clutch and just not move off the line the way it's intended to with those tires. It could be tried out though.

2- low rev thrust mode launch

because thrust mode usually makes all 4 wheels to spin, why not do it at a lower rev?

I got this idea from some Aventador SV magazine tests. They launched the car at 3.400rpm and got very few spins but good 0-60 times. 

3- a question

Is there any factory gearbox software tune? Because then you can tune it to launch just like that Orange LP700 with 1.61 60ft (actually most of the older Aventadors had this launch setup but because most of them bugged at the launch, even on street, they made the launch wheelspin based if you call it)

It would also be interesting if someone does a none factory gearbox software tune.

thanks for reading!





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Couldn't edit the post to put the videos so here they are

orange LP700 that did 1.61 60ft (5:34 of the video)


also they launched it at around 3700 rpm-4000 rpm not 3400rpm

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