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  1. g-force

    FS: Dymags for Gallardo

  2. g-force

    new Ford GT coming! :)

    nice video excellent driving!
  3. for sale in july .Lambo power price $2000 http://www.ebay.com/itm/182471698032?ssPag...984.m1558.l2649 wayne 909 383-9000
  4. g-force

    WTB: aftermarket wheels for my 05 gallardo

    I have the Mayas and the Dymags Both cheap
  5. g-force

    FS: Dymags for Gallardo

    sell for 3000 plus shipping or so cal free delivery
  6. g-force

    FS: Maya wheels for Gallardo or R8

    rears 20"fronts 19" yours for $1000 plus shipping or so cal delivery free
  7. g-force

    k40 radar detector for r8

    see classifieds
  8. g-force

    k-40 radar detector rl360i

    one month old latest model taken from 2017 audi r8.front and rear detectors plus laser jammer includes r8 dash mounting. orig equip cost 2200 uninstalled. install will cost you 800-1000 I found out from a k-40 authorized installer. I want $750 delivered. call me if interested. will work on any car. wayne 909 383-9000
  9. g-force

    Carroll Shelbys Cobras

    the auto trans car was csx 2549 a silver one it was at Mecums don't know the results there?
  10. g-force

    Carroll Shelbys Cobras

    yes 2 cars the 427 didn't do that well IMHO
  11. g-force

    Carroll Shelbys Cobras

    csx 2000 was his car first cobra built
  12. g-force

    Carroll Shelbys Cobras

    CSX 2000 SOLD FoR 13.75 million!!!!!
  13. g-force

    new Ford GT coming! :)

    thanks Fortis.. don't think I've ever tried so hard to pay 450k for a car!!!!
  14. g-force

    new Ford GT coming! :)

    Hey thanks for plug..I've wriitten Mr FORD...no response. I don't think I even made the "wait list"!
  15. g-force

    new Ford GT coming! :)

    #1009 I sold for couple thousand profit don't know where it is? #1012 restored traded for 427 cobra plus cash sold it to andy Harnon that car is in France now.