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  1. Dereiter

    New track tool

    Congratulations to you on the stunning car! Drive safe.
  2. Dereiter

    new Ford GT coming! :)

    What a refined shot. Great.
  3. Dereiter

    Does anyone know either one of these?

  4. Dereiter

    Does anyone know either one of these?

    You are totally right. My 2012 Aventador LP700-4 has gotten a roster of all updates and upgrades. The car is strong and reliable like a healthy bull. The transmission works smoothly and fast. Pls gentlemen, pls do not blame 2012 models. I do not think that all of them are lemons.
  5. Dereiter

    Aventador issues

    I have not have any problems with my 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. The car have been working awesome in any weather, condition etc. Probably it is an exception
  6. Dereiter

    Picked up my S Roadster last weekend

    Enjoy it. Drive safe.
  7. Dereiter

    Gotta love carfax...

    That makes sense.
  8. Dereiter

    best cities in the country to live in

    I live in a borderline between Altamonte Springs and Longwood. I find this area safe, stable, calm and thriving. The traffic does not make me feel exhausted. I know "busy" times and try to avoid that congestion problems. When you live in a particular area then you can master skills how easy to reach any destination. Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Gotha are worthwhile to live. But I do not want to compare the Apple and the Orange. As a big advantage of living in North Orlando it is a good opportunity to stop by in Lamborghini Dealership to have a cup of coffee with that nice team. P.S. My house is 3 miles away from Lamborghini Orlando.
  9. Dereiter

    Video of my Aventador LP700-4

    We made a video of my Aventador on the past weekend. Enjoy it.
  10. Dereiter

    best cities in the country to live in

    North Orlando (Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, Longwood) is a good place to live.
  11. Dereiter

    Lambo Owner Only Section

    It sounds logically. I support that idea.
  12. Dereiter

    Buyer Beware: Perfomante at Mclaren of Scottsdale

    You are right. Most of those Fashionable Rallies are lavish, wasteful, utterly flashy and dangerous for the attendees as well as for their cars. Instead of them i prefer quiet, calm and prudent car cruises and turnouts with friends of mine.
  13. Dereiter

    new Ford GT coming! :)

    Good news has come. Congrats!
  14. Dereiter

    Gallardo SE and Mercedes Benz GT S AMG

    My friends, i appreciate your kind words. As i said early i love this forum and am proud to be a part of the Authentic Worldwide Lamborghini Community. We are one.
  15. Dereiter

    New Toy! 2017 Turbo S

    Congratulations! The Porsche in that White color looks like a charm and expensive.