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  1. 670SV is above, there is also a 675LT, GT2RS, GT3RS, and Lambo STS in that garage.....
  2. Thanks so much!! The interior was done at a cost of $28K Roy said. They also did all the MAcarbon pieces and steering wheel for an additional $15K. The interior reminds me of the white 2008 SL interior I used to have!
  3. Thanks so much Kevin!! I just got the temp tag so I've only driven it 13 mi, but I love the experience. And the straight pipe LOC exhaust sounds phenomenal!!!
  4. Thank You! Good to see some of the old names still around here!!
  5. Thanks Allan! And thanks for your input when looking!
  6. I put this in the owners thread, but I guess I should have made a new thread. Picked this up from Roy. Excited to get to know her better!!
  7. Added a 3rd one to the collection!
  8. I miss the old days! I lost an hour or two a day on the site back in the heyday!
  9. Much appreciated! They are definitely different experiences! Thanks!
  10. It’s a great car—very raw experience unabetted by computers. The sound is the best OEM sound I’ve ever had on a car and the steering is telepathic. They’ve come back down in price a bit and should be collectible in the future as there are less of them then F40’s.
  11. Thanks so much!!!! The CGT and Challenge Stradale are on the lifts—they didn’t make the pic....
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