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  1. Much appreciated! They are definitely different experiences! Thanks!
  2. It’s a great car—very raw experience unabetted by computers. The sound is the best OEM sound I’ve ever had on a car and the steering is telepathic. They’ve come back down in price a bit and should be collectible in the future as there are less of them then F40’s.
  3. Thanks so much!!!! The CGT and Challenge Stradale are on the lifts—they didn’t make the pic....
  4. Thanks Cake! Yes, it is a 2016 PTS in Racing Yellow!
  5. Got another yellow car to keep the SV company! Included a few “Got wing?” pics also
  6. Thanks you guys!!! And the VIN really is 666!
  7. I will definitely report back! I’m curious how it will put the power down compared to the ACR
  8. Finally got my new ZR1 in. I’ve put about 750 mi on it over the last 2 weeks. So far I’m really enjoying the car and the fact you can still order this car with a manual. I’ll take it to the track as soon as I reach 1500 mi.
  9. Love it! Congrats!! It looks awesome!! I just built a RR LWB Autobiography online the other day—going to order it in the next few weeks! Love the new tech compared to my 2016
  10. Certainly one of the nicest specs out there! Enjoy it!
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