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  1. Ok. Thanks. I will check this part once again. I found several other alternatives that should be researched too.
  2. I bet Alternator KRAUF ALB0829AN fits the car as well.
  3. What a perfect solution. P.S. The shop is super clean. Bravo.
  4. Old Guy Garage, i thank you for the valuable info.
  5. Texa provides periodic updates that give you a tonne of adjustments and ability to check/calibrate various car's components that you mentioned above. Support is a great benefit. I am able to get a professional piece of advice or recommendation from Texa if I have a question. That price of the full package (w/ subscriptions) looks fair. Nonetheless you can try to negotiate it. I bought the Texa hardware and software officially in Moscow, Russia. There is a great dealership of Texa Diagnostics.
  6. Texa Diagnostics (Supercar package) works with all Lamborghini models. Firm. That is because I use it. I am aware about a common Leonardo's functionality, but I cannot say anything in details.
  7. To fix your car you need to connect a LARA/TEXA/LEONARDO diagnostic tool and perform clutch relearning and other appropriate actions. But if you made something wrong mechanically/structurally in the car then it does not help.
  8. Congratulations to you on the stunning car! Drive safe.
  9. You are totally right. My 2012 Aventador LP700-4 has gotten a roster of all updates and upgrades. The car is strong and reliable like a healthy bull. The transmission works smoothly and fast. Pls gentlemen, pls do not blame 2012 models. I do not think that all of them are lemons.
  10. I have not have any problems with my 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. The car have been working awesome in any weather, condition etc. Probably it is an exception
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