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  1. Night Life

    Bill Dayton, Chrysler designer that finished the Diablo

    To be honest he was the right man for the job, the Gandini design was interesting to say the least but stuck in a time warp, the newly deigned Diablo fit very well with the upcoming times of curve, flow and function, imo a much prettier design and one of the best looking cars of all-time. .
  2. Night Life

    Replacement of the big dashbord

    , Nice work on the new dash .
  3. Night Life

    Diablo Roadster power window

    No you do not, you can do it from the door itself, usually just one screw, the rubber housing might be cracked or broken as well causing poor contact, sand paper all the wire leads and connection points for better contact. Hope this helped Cheers
  4. Night Life

    Diablo Roadster power window

    First thing is to check you're making proper connection to the 2 pin switches located at the bottom/front of each door, you should check both doors. These can become loose, or corroded, or might be broken. Once you have determined that this is not the issue then I suggest doing the manual reset by rolling window all the way up or down with window switch but keep it pressed for 30 seconds or more each door, this resets the relay, works for me every time. Low voltage or weak battery cause small issues like this on the Diablo, always make sure you battery tender or trickle charge your car. Cheers
  5. Night Life

    The upcoming eclipse

    Most of my photos appear to be to large to upload sorry
  6. Night Life

    The upcoming eclipse

    We had a blast in Casper WY, at a location called the Barn Loft, it is a working Ranch. To experience this event where livestock, horses, deer and yes antelope play was incredible. As Totality came closer and closer everything went dead still and quiet, the cows all laid down on the ground, the horses all went inside, coyotes started to howl in the distance, no bird sounds at all. This enhanced our experience of the event, I was so excited I forgot to take many photos, but I tried to be in the moment as long as I could. My body was definitely reacting to the experience, hair stood up, a sense of something is wrong came over me, but not in a freighting way. I did set up my iPhone caught a time-lapse of it passing as we all watched, we took a few good shots of the eclipse, but nothing matched viewing it with your naked eye during totality. Stars came out, the surrounding horizon was like dusk but in a 360 degree view, the night sky was more deep deep purple than black, and seeing the suns corona moving and swirling around the moon was something I will never ever forget. I did a live radio feed back home to local Radio station 10 min after event, I'm sure I was rambling on as I was still so excited. I haven't listened to it yet as we just got back home late last night. We went down with our car group, 11 exotics, spent 2 days in Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, Needles highway, Norbeck trail. Then 2 days in Gillette, Devils Tower, Casper to view eclipse etc... Highway were awesome, did some incredible spirited driving with even more amazing views. This is the 40th anniversary of Close Encounter of the Third kind so seeing Devils Tower was even more impressive than Mount Rushmore. The people that we encountered could not have been any nicer, everyone was respectful of the cars, took pictures asked questions and we even took some for rides . here are a few pics
  7. Night Life

    Diablo Rear Wheel Drive opinions

    +1 yep.
  8. Night Life

    Question charging older Diablo AC system.

    Thank you for info found an older thread on another site that really helped him out, all good now. .
  9. Hi, good friend of mine has a 1991 Diablo, he wants to get his AC charged up, is there any info on procedure? and amount of freon or other coolant needed? Looked on Lamboweb, couldn't find anything. Any help appreciated
  10. Night Life

    Real wheel drive conversion questions?

    I certainly don't, had the front of the car lowered after weight was removed, it feels solid. And someone mentioned that 150lbs does not matter much for performance OH YES IT DOES, The difference between a VT and SV is only 210lbs. 150lbs is very noticeable if you drive your car like it was meant to be driven, if you are only a cruiser then no you wouldn't notice it as much. But if thats the case sell the car whats the point .
  11. Night Life

    Real wheel drive conversion questions?

    I agree 100%, converted my Diablo to 2wd with Whiteout system, it was night and day, way more responsive and fun to drive. Older Murci pre LP640 would benefit from this conversion as well. I do believe that LP640 has enough power to handle the all wheel drive system to make it questionable if conversion needed, but then again I would need to drive both to tell you the truth. Any offers / :D:D Sorry lurking in this section, interested in getting a Murci soon. .
  12. Night Life

    Cosmic Girl

    Yep that was straight from Jays mouth on the last episode of New Top Gear, first Diablo destroyed by delivery truck, second window smashed out by camera falling on it. His new video in 2017 pays homage to the same location and same feel with a cool car video, 20 years to the day after .
  13. Night Life

    18" front tire options for Diablos

    Highly recommend the R888 B) They last much longer than I expected, the grip in rain or hot tar-mac is excellent.
  14. Night Life

    94 VT starting problem

    Don't go down this road with these line of questions, you won't like the replies .
  15. Night Life

    94 VT starting problem

    Something is definitely not right, fans should not come on, fuel pump should be heard priming first, wait a few seconds then start. If you do not hear fuel pumps prime, then you can disregard that it is a starter problem, as your bad connection or lack of power is before the pumps.