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  1. Same here. It has been a while, I hope all is well with you. Sincerely Vic
  2. blob:https://www.lamborghini.com/924e28de-1ef7-4ecd-8415-9e9799f889df
  3. A new Countach is coming soon, says Lamborghini. https://www.lamborghini.com/en-en/news/the-new-lamborghini-countach-is-coming
  4. I have a 1984 LP5000S so feel free to PM me your question.
  5. Need to step it up a bit. Like this:
  6. Below is a link to their website. http://www.stickyrxrs.com/
  7. Just an FYI for those seeking help on this. There was a guy on F_chat that when by the screen name Dave rocks ( Dave Lelonek )that restores buttons and switches. I do not know him personally I just remember him because he lives in Orchard Park, NY (Buffalo NY) I grew up there. Anyways he is now banned from F_chat however I can access some of his threads on this subject . It seams as he has a good bit on knowledge and experience in restoring buttons so this may be of help for those having problems here. Below are a couple YouTube videos from him. Again this is not an endorsement of him or his services, so do your own due diligence. Best of luck, Vic
  8. I see that Chad Bolles is soliciting a LP 5000S Countach project car. Looks like it is a fuel injected version and pretty much disassembled. Thought of Ian or DocK however I see no activity from him and he is no longer on the members list. That being said the members list is now only somewhere around 65 or so members. What happened did the whole site get purged during the upgrade and only newly signed in members are on the list?
  9. It's not really hard to figure out what is going on there. To put it simply, THE CAR IS POSSESSED! And the owner is merely trying to perform an Exorcism.
  10. Cool. No wait I mean HOT DAMN! Flaming Countach Burnout.
  11. Redlambo

    I’m back…

    Hey Roman. Now that you are back, can you fix the F_ing forum. LOL
  12. Redlambo

    I’m back…

    Well Elon Must just resigned as CEO of Tesla, maybe you could do that gig for a bit. LOL, welcome back
  13. Nice to see things coming back to life. The past 3 -4 weeks was like a 12 step program with only one step, followed by a big fall into the abyss.
  14. Redlambo

    Doors up!

    Thanks, yours as well I like the background as well its a nice shot.
  15. Redlambo

    Doors up!

    A couple of mine.
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