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  1. Redlambo

    From 1986, Launch testing my 1984 Webber Count

    Cool. No wait I mean HOT DAMN! Flaming Countach Burnout.
  2. Redlambo

    I’m back mother fuckers.

    Hey Roman. Now that you are back, can you fix the F_ing forum. LOL
  3. Redlambo

    I’m back mother fuckers.

    Well Elon Must just resigned as CEO of Tesla, maybe you could do that gig for a bit. LOL, welcome back
  4. Redlambo

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Nice to see things coming back to life. The past 3 -4 weeks was like a 12 step program with only one step, followed by a big fall into the abyss.
  5. Redlambo

    Doors up!

    Thanks, yours as well I like the background as well its a nice shot.
  6. Redlambo

    Doors up!

    A couple of mine.
  7. Redlambo

    From 1986, Launch testing my 1984 Webber Count

    I would love to get my 84' Countach to launch like that, however without having to drop the clutch out at 5,000+ RPM's. Out of curiosity do you recall what RPM's you dumped that thing out at? Looks like it was in amazing tune.
  8. Redlambo

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    Long term I am not a believer and think that most of these cryptocurrencies will vanish. While I do think BTC, LTC & ETH will survive I would grab my profits and run in the short term. Just my 2 cents. Vic
  9. Redlambo

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    Maybe someone can light his ass on fire so he has a reason.
  10. Redlambo

    Ever feel the urge to do a burnout...or two

    Who went through the car mechanically? Is it carbureted or fuel injected? Almost looks like RHershey's old LP5000S - FI.
  11. Redlambo

    Things that make you say DAMN!

    I don't know about you, but if everything around me is on fire. The LAST thing I am going to do is record it on my i-phone.
  12. So where does the dip-shit in the minivan that inadvertently drove off with the fuel pump hose still connected and started this mess stand. I guess it is kind of though shit for the owner of the Aventador, as there is no way that the owner of the minivan had sufficient coverage to cover this mess. Life is so unfair being a poor STUPID person and torching somebody's $400K+ car plus the associated damages to the gas station.
  13. Redlambo

    Discount Diablos

    I always loved the purple on the Diablo roadster. I would however prefer lighter colored seats, black seats not fun in the sun.
  14. Redlambo

    Lambocue? This was a bad week for Lambos

    Oops! Sorry about that.
  15. Redlambo

    Lambocue? This was a bad week for Lambos

    F_ing minivan inadvertently started to drive off with the fuel pump hose still connected. In short order, the hose broke and the pump began spraying gasoline every which way, including onto the Lambo’s engine bay. :eusa_wall: