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  1. Ozzir

    RACE: Aventador vs....

    I'm surprised the cop even tried to race. I'm guessing it was a momentary brain fart that could lose him his job. I have a few good friends that are cops and they said it's crazy now. You just assume you are always on video as most of the time they are. In this case I'm guessing the cop just plain forgot or just never dreamt that one of Lambo guys would screw him over like this. Its too bad. He barely accelerated before he let off. I would not want to be a cop in this day and age. I know my buddies that are cops are either glad they aren't on the street anymore or cant wait to get off the street.
  2. Ozzir

    Programming Gallardo Key

    You have to order the key and the remote from the Lambo dealer. They cut them in Italy and send them to your dealer. Once they get here you have to take the car to the dealer and have the key programmed. Audi cant do. Its a Lambo dealer only visit. Its not a cheap proposition. It takes weeks to sometimes over a month to get the key so if you lost your key you would be screwed for a long time. Best to order it asap just in case.
  3. Ozzir

    NEED HELP!!!!!! All Dads!!!!!!

    Wow. Thats sad. I hope I never lose the passion for my cars but anything is possible. I used to be huge in to motorbikes and snowmobiles but as I got older I lost the passion. I guess that could happen with cars too as I get older. As long as I have a hobby to keep me busy I will be happy.
  4. Ozzir

    NEED HELP!!!!!! All Dads!!!!!!

    HAHA.. This is a great thread. And some stellar ideas. The email one is BRILLIANT. I am going to use that idea. I got married when I was 35 ( 12 years ago ) to an amazing lady that had 2 young kids. I helped raise both of them and then 7 years ago we were blessed with another boy and 5 years ago another boy. It has been without fail the best thing I ever did. Being a dad is incredible. I grew up with with 2 dads. My birth dad and I got along but he never wanted to be a dad and when I was 6 my parents split up. My mother got remarried a few years later and we got another dad but he was more like a friend so I never really had a DAD figure in my life. My mom was awesome and like some others have posted about their moms, she worked 2 jobs and got myself and my 2 brothers through school and got us all started in life. I never wanted kids growing up. I did not think I could be a good dad and didn't want to ruin a child's life by being a dad that either didn't want to be there or a dad that just left their kids. The best thing I did was wait until I was older. When I had my very own kids the world changed again. I had no idea how much you could love someone until they were born. It will blow you away how much you can care for a human being. When people say they would die for their kids they aren't joking. You literally would put your own life before theirs just to protect them. We are the same with our kids and tell them all the time how much we love them. I think this makes a huge difference. Even if they've done something wrong and we have to punish them we don't leave the room without telling them I love you. I think this separates what they've done bad with how we feel about them. It's easy to focus on the negative but try to give them kudos for all the good too. That's one that I struggle with as its easy to concentrate on the bad but propping them up is just as important as pointing out the wrong things they do. Even after reading all these posts about how great it is to be a dad you still wont get it until they are in your arms sleeping and you just stare at them. You just cant get that feeling from anything else. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but also the most rewarding. You will be awesome. You just have to care.
  5. WTF happened to my thread about loving my ride in a Countach??? LOL.. Turned in to a pissing match between LPdaddy and AllanHerbie. haha. Oh well. I still loved my ride in the Countach and hope to go again sometime. Such an amazing car even with some of the faults. It just adds to the character of the car. And LP and Allan if you guys were my kids I'd send you to your rooms for a time out...LOL.. Oh and Allan. If I ever get to Ca I would kill for a ride in the CGT. That would be a blast as well.
  6. Here is one of my other toys. Its loud, pedals are too close together, it smells, the brakes suck, the clutch is heavy, the steering is heavy, the heater sucks, the A/C is ...... non existent, it gets horrible fuel economy. If it rains you're fucked and this is my favorite car out of all of them..... No wonder I loved the Countach. hahaha.. it was almost as though it was built for me. The only thing this one has is GREAT visibility. LOL.
  7. I get to drive the Countach Saturday night or the picture of you sitting in the 430, grinning like a school girl, gets posted for the world to see...LOL.
  8. Now if I could just find a friend to let me drive his Huracan??? !!!! Haha.
  9. So i have been hanging around with a good friend of mine for close to 10 years. He has a Countach and if you can believe it in all the years we have been hanging out I have never even sat in his car. Tonight we all met for our weekly cars and coffee and finally I opened the door to his car and yelled at him. Lets go. Lol. He jumped up and we went for a tour. The Countach was my dream car growing up. I had the poster. I was in love with the car. I was sitting at coffee thinking. Wow. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and have never expierienced a Countach when one has been under my nose for years. The ride was an absolute blast and I promise I wont wait another 10 years before I go again. I offered to trade him my G for the night but strangely enough he declined. Hahaha. Thanks again Darren. That was a BLAST. !!!!
  10. Ozzir

    840 HP Dodge. Crazy

    Its actually 3300 cars. 3000 for the US and 300 for Canada. Will depend on price but I dont think they will have any problem moving all of them for MSRP +++. Time will tell.
  11. Ozzir

    840 HP Dodge. Crazy

    It's great to see an American company just throw it down and go all out. They will sell every one of them for well over MSRP. The demand will be huge.
  12. Ozzir

    840 HP Dodge. Crazy

    http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1109826...-in-2-3-seconds 840 hp in a Dodge. I can't stand the look of them but damn that's a quick car. Would be fun to do a few drags with them.
  13. Ozzir

    J Geils is more angel than centerfold

    Wow. Makes me feel old when we start loosing these old rock and roll guys. I still remember driving around when their hits came out. Too bad. RIP
  14. Ozzir

    My new lift

    I use my lift all the time. I do all my own service work on all my cars and it makes it so much easier. Mine also has the castors and will roll around easy. You just give it a good shove to get it moving and then it rolls around very easy. I move mine all the time. I also have a rolling jack with arms that extend out. This is the cats ass if you ever change tires or do brakes etc. I would never want it bolted to the floor. If you have a bigger garage it's nice to able to move it around.
  15. Ozzir

    Does dad life = no more Lambo?

    Well that's just depressing...LOL. Hopefully you at least fire them up once in a while so the poor things get some attention. At least they are there for you when your kids are more independent and you have a little more Me time.