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  1. Perhaps building a new non-awd powertrain would free up a lot of room and they can keep the same V12 and not have to develop a whole new one.
  2. Av needs dct asap. If they make the replacement e-awd with a dct it’ll be insane
  3. Sweeettt kudos to lambo for making special editions more than just paint jobs!
  4. Perhaps carbon type will be an option? Looks sooo good so far.
  5. Is he ok? Under the knife?
  6. From the dash screen it looks to be the case.
  7. I like your interpretation of the vent behind the door. This car is going to be on another level.
  8. I remember back when people were disappointed that the Murcielago and Gallardo special editions were just paint jobs and now that the Aventador special edition is a record setting track animal it still doesn't seem to be enough ...
  9. Wow! Such timeless beauty. Congrats!
  10. What wing isn't exactly ideal for straight line stuff...
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