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  1. Love it Joe, making me miss it man!
  2. Dude having put about 200 miles on mine I can tell you first hand it's such a blast. Will make you motion sick with how hard it sticks to the ground around corners lol.
  3. For real? That is insane! Going to try that out on my next fillup. I'll have less than a quarter tank and only be able to fit about 13 gallons right now if I remember correctly, doesnt last long.
  4. Thanks guys! Yep, it’s scandal with a glitter. In the sun there’s a pretty significant difference - I really love it. I was 100% planning on wrapping the bottom pieces (front winglet, side lower wing and rear lower outline like the 63) but when you see it in person it makes you think twice. The car has such a presence already in this color that it doesn’t really need the contrast like I thought it would. Will post more photos of it once I get it back from ppf!
  5. just dropped it off for PPF, not sure if I'll do the bottom pieces black yet. Color is Verde Themis.
  6. Luxeous

    SVJ exhaust?

    the car is actually a lot louder in person with just the valves open. I'm always a fan of a better exhaust but I'm not sure it needs it - will report back once I get more seat time.
  7. Got mine yesterday -all I can say is WOW. It is absolutely MENTAL in Verde Themis. I was planning to wrap the bottom portions like a 63 but after seeing it in person it doesn't need them. I'll post some photos once I get it back from PPF. @Unotaz if you want to see my car it's still there, being picked up in the AM.
  8. I was actually thinking the same thing. Very well put.
  9. I think that article is hinting to the LB48H as the last hoorah based on the Aventador.
  10. I am planning on logging some serious miles on mine. No point in buying and speculating on later value, I want to enjoy it with my family.
  11. Love this!! The color is actually pretty rad too, the SVJ looks really good in these gold tones.
  12. I have to imagine that sold instantly.
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