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  1. What Bugatti is doing is interesting to me as I've heard you'll lose a fair amount on a standard Chiron - I can't imagine some of their special editions won't do better as the bodywork is substantially different and they are even more limited. I don't know if it's social media or what but it seems like everyone has an exotic now days. I think super rare coach building is the only option these brands really have left in order to capture the excitement in such a small market of customers who can actually afford it.
  2. Post your spec. The only reason I have heard of this happening is if the spec is deemed to not have a good ability to sell if you back out.
  3. I contacted them, I would have bought it at $600k. That's easily a $700k spec car here in the US. Importing from Canada to the US means you lose all warranty and option for one and pay a 6.1% import tax. Still less than buying it here (even with an aftermarket warranty) but you will also lose more when it comes time to sell here, I believe they are called gray market cars here.
  4. They are way less expensive in Canada than the US - that's only $600k in USD . The AP options with paint, interior and calipers are around $30k alone.
  5. Dude this is a nearly identical spec to mine (from what I can tell) in roadster form. Only difference is the interior - I did the SVJ XXX stitching instead of the S details on the seat and dash. How is it only $790k CAD? Just the AP options for the color alone make it more expensive than that.
  6. I seriously love verdes Ermes. That white one is suspiciously cheap - wonder what's up.
  7. Dude I almost ordered that color but the wait would have been forever and last time I checked they wanted a hefty premium for it. The color is called Blue Lial, there's an SV roadster in this color as well. @DoctaM3 I'm guessing this is yours?
  8. It'll look great in that color, really pops in the sun.
  9. Hey all, getting a 65 Impala convertible so I can take the fam on drives together. Found what looks to be exactly what I want near Houston TX and I’d like to have a pro look over it before I fly out to get it. Any one local there have any suggestions?
  10. LOL I felt the EXACT same way - was even worse in a roadster. I had full catless LOC and actually put the secondaries back in to get rid of some of the smell.
  11. My thoughts exactly @VCR - I just don't see them having the funds to make an entirely new tub. IMO it would have to be more of a Diablo to Murci move than ground up given the current status with VAG and funding the brand. Anyone here an engineer that knows how difficult it would be to modify the mold of a CF monocoque? lol
  12. @VCR have you heard anything about whether or not they’ll use the same CF tub from the Aventador for its replacement?
  13. agreed, the little details in there really make a difference, especially towards the back.
  14. Sounds so good! @whiteout had brought this up before, without the crossover sounds so much better. @Unotaz I think it's $30k.
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