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  1. Very cool video (as always)...it's clear the Urus is just a bit faster across the board. Well done Lambo! Peter
  2. You can't just "put down VHT" on a dusty open air runway and expect it to solve all problems and make the surface sticky. It's a process that involves much more such as cleaning/sweeping, washing, chemicals, rubber, etc....... I agree though....that car is a 265+ car given the right conditions. Peter
  3. My experience with epoxy is that it'll last forever under the most harsh conditions as long as the pre epoxy prep is done correctly (etching, acid stain, cleaning, etc...).........my floor was done 6 years ago and it's perfect. I hired a professional. The home prior this one, same area, same climate, both brand new.....I did it myself, and within the first 6-10 months it was coming up from tire heat/turning/etc... Peter
  4. From a roll, torque only matters on the hit, then it's all HP and aerodynamics. I'm shocked the Huracan did so well to be honest. It was pulling at the end and would have put space on the ZR1 if they went another 30 mph. Peter
  5. Yikes!!!!! Asphalt scares the crap outta me with no drag strip VHT type prep...also the finish line has a niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice down hill grade (as has been stated multiple times above) Peter
  6. Congrats! Few cars as fun to drive as a TT UGR Lambo. Peter
  7. They aren't doing much with the Bug, my Perf is and will be faster.....I freakin love this car, been driving it quite a bit this week. Peter
  8. It's clear that Huracan is the faster and quicker car as evidenced by the ET and MPH.....very close though. Peter
  9. LOLOL I doubt i'll ever be able to afford anything like that...plus my car is faster Peter
  10. So happy to have the car back!!!!! What a beauty....can't imagine wanting any other car more than this one. Peter
  11. You hit the nail on the head.....freight trained a 2000 whp GTR, which is INSANE. Peter
  12. Bada$$ video.....wonder how fast they would have gone at 55 psi? 235? Next year buddy next year....... Peter
  13. Great event guys...it's been said here several times, but UGR dominated the roll race. These cars are SUPER IMPRESSIVE! Can't wait to see what 2019 has in store! Peter
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