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  1. This is what I'm after. Thanks guys for the replays so far... URL=http://s77.photobucket.com/user/icongroup/media/image_zpssfkd6t59.jpeg.html][/url]
  2. I'm looking for the OEM Gear Knob. Does anyone have one available know where I could get it or have the part number? Many thanks... Sudesh
  3. I had the plate made up just to see what it looks like on my car and love it. As mentioned I'm not a religious guy, or suspicious type, just like the whole myth of 666 being later to Satan and Dioble being his name lol.....
  4. My number 13 plate is FDZ13. Never seen FFF before, must be quite rare? Probable more in UK than over here in N.I. I would just like SLZ666 as I have quite a few low number SLZ numbers... Only want the SLZ666 to match in, plus 666 being whole Satan thing..... And Diablo as we all know means Devil in English...
  5. I have the number 13 but have it a long time. But yeah, heard about DVLA not keen on 666!
  6. Funny some have mentioned the 666 thing..... I'm actually trying to get 666 number plate for my car at the moment, proving very hard to find over here. Everyone obsessed with Satan thing, I ain't regulios in any way, so don't care.
  7. Well if I was allowed to put words on this board, to discribe this car, I would be banned forever...... Stunning isn't good enough......... Nothing more to say lol.....
  8. What about Diablo SE30 then? Or the Jota
  9. Oh Feck me!!! Me! Why?? Emissions?
  10. I lived in LA for 3 months, too fast past psed for me a tad on the fake side from what I'm used too. I also lived in Bruni when I was a teen. My best friends dad worked there and had a home on the shore line and all I remember [from my current brain illness is] us having dinner on the beach or the porch of his home...... Loved it.
  11. Don't mind the cold, I'm from Ireland so next worst place is North Pole lol. Yes correct on importing RHD car.......Plus driving car in LHD country doesn't really appeal to me. I may not buy a Diablo when I'm out there anyway, I have a real itch for a Zonda now.
  12. Just wondering if anyone on here lives in Maine New England? Thinking of packing up moving out to there. Looks like a very nice place and my type of place to live. I'm single so nothing to tie me down here. Can't take the Diablo though lol or my other rides or ATVs and SKI. So all will be going. Maybe I could just some work for Diablo owners lol.
  13. Sudesh

    Door lock

    Noticed I can't reply with the link. So see other forum.
  14. Sudesh

    Door lock

    May or may be no good to you but scroll down here http://www.another board/vbforum/f4...273/index6.html
  15. Sudesh

    Houston floods

    Feck me! I hope you guys are ok? Over here in Ireland when we get the odd splash of rain it's bad but just seen the news in this......I'm not a news person as its just the same thing over and over. But this is awful. India has no rain, they have too much! What the hell......
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