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  1. Hi everybody, Seems like everything is quite here, wish we could get more news of what's coming next from the UR camp !
  2. Any reason why DP didn't choose to qualify ?
  3. OB GTR start way earlier than the starting line during the 228 run
  4. I was just curious about the similarity of the design between the two blocks ? Everybody around the internet are mistaken and saying UR billet block come from Willall
  5. By watching the 257 mph and how the car pull so hard in 6th, I will say around 3000/3200whp
  6. Tony just spun the tyres and let off ... he is just mad. Where were the judge when DP slingshot calvo 2 times lol
  7. Lol , they even copy your new built presentation text ... low marketing strategy
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