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  1. woocasz

    New 1/4 mile record

    AlphaLogic team. [email protected] Link
  2. I don`t know where to post this, but Dallas Performance post picture of the time slip on their instagram They finally break into 7sec 1/4 mile pass with DCT Huracan [email protected] Congrats to them. Still 0.11 behind UGR
  3. woocasz

    Shfit Sector Indiana this weekend

    Is there any live coverage of this event?
  4. woocasz

    New 1/4 mile record

    First Nissan GT-R making over 3000whp!! Those guys are crazy, glad they keep pushing.
  5. woocasz

    Porsche 919 smashes another lap record

    Can You imagine this? Road legal car? Link
  6. This is just epic!! Link
  7. woocasz

    Colorado Springs 1/2 Mile Event

    Yellow Huracan 250mph!! Third pass.
  8. Very interesting... Link
  9. Beautiful color. Congrats. Kevin. When we will be able to see some 1R DCT Huracans?
  10. woocasz

    Underground Racing Twin Turbo Huracan ARMY at TX2K18

    Can we see a dyno graph of the yellow one (Drag965) ?
  11. woocasz

    TX2K18 update thread

    Congrats to You, Ross, Bob, KC, Kevin and the rest of the crew. Solid performance. Keep the good work.
  12. woocasz

    TX2K18 update thread

    Is that so? What about Richard? He's the customer aswell. In the semi they were racing against each other. Why KC let Richard win??
  13. woocasz

    TX2K18 update thread

    Of course. Congrats to him and the rest of the crew. but... I`ve been following this forum for over 6 years. I`m rooting for UGR camp and admire their hard work, but what he did today and at T.I. just don`t like it. My 2 cents.
  14. woocasz

    TX2K18 update thread

    This is my subjective opinion. Agree or disagree.