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  1. Yes! You read that correct. Drag Race Registered Drivers. F.ing Finally. This is going to be insane! First 6sec Lambo??
  2. 65 mph roll in 1500 feet.
  3. They`ve made one pass in the roll race, ended up with technical problems.
  4. The most anticipated car Underground Racing (@underground_racing) • Zdjęcia i filmy n.mp4
  5. Correct. I`m using Mozilla Firefox. At the bottom of the page there is no theme button.
  6. I do have a problem. I`ve got this site in my bookmarks, so one click and I`m in... Sign up. Old theme. After I sign out there is a new theme, but when I`m sign up again, old theme is back.
  7. I don`t know where to post this, but Dallas Performance post picture of the time slip on their instagram They finally break into 7sec 1/4 mile pass with DCT Huracan [email protected] Congrats to them. Still 0.11 behind UGR
  8. First Nissan GT-R making over 3000whp!! Those guys are crazy, glad they keep pushing.
  9. Can You imagine this? Road legal car? Link
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