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  1. Hmm...will see if the wife is down for the drive. Driving up in my exotic and she usually doesn't like the seats for anything over 1.5 hours. I honestly wanted to go just for the experience. Never been to Pebble Beach and i hear its a really nice event for people who love cars. Was also told that they have different events there throughout the year depending on what type of cars you are into. I figured I'm on holiday in LA with my exotic...so why not? But i was really hoping to see some super/hypercars like the Chiron and Centenario in the flesh.
  2. Thanks for the advise. Will skip it this weekend. Would love to go to cars and coffee though. Do they do it every weekend or its an occasional thing?
  3. Is it only classic cars? I thought we would see a lot of hypercars while there. Neither I or my wife are into classic honestly.
  4. Just a few places i have been visiting while on holiday here... Gjelina (Lunch or Dinner) The Nice Guy (Dinner/Drinks) Giorgio Baldi (Dinner) Wally's Beverly Hills (Lunch/Brunch/Dinner) Cafe Habana Malibu (Lunch or Dinner) Nobu Malibu Malibu Cafe Koan's on Third (Nutella Poundcake) Tower Bar (Dinner) Kofi Food Truck (Calamari Tacos) Sugarfish The Ivy (Lunch or Dinner) Bestia (Dinner/Drinks) Laurel Hardware (Dinner/Drinks) Sushi Park Madeo (Lunch or Dinner) Bottega Louie (Lunch) Boa (Dinner/Drinks) Wifey and I are a bit adventurous so here are some activities if you guys are into that sort of thing... Obviously theme parks (Six Flags is my favourite. Get the front of line pass and ride everything in two hours and leave) Venice Beach and Little Venice Canals Griffith Observatory San Diego Zoo Safari Whale Watching and Sport Fishing (Marina Dell Rey) Ask your concierge for more suggestions. Enjoy LA
  5. Wanna know if its worth going up for the day? Drive up tomorrow afternoon from LA and come back down Sunday night.
  6. Tupps11

    Euro 2016

    Excited to watch this tournament. Especially while we are still riding the high of the champions league final. Im gonna be in Paris the night of the Euro Final. Will definitely look into tickets for the wife and I.
  7. Rooting for Real today. Would love to see Zinedine Zidane take home a champions league trophy on his debut coaching year... Enjoy the match!
  8. Thanks Roman. Just found it online. Looks like they are still there. Will drive by sometime this week when its time for another wash. Not to sound snobby, but i didn't see a single high end vehicle/supercar in any of the pics. Then again, it was on yelp, so not the best indication. Did you ever take your supercars there?
  9. Are they supercar friendly? I would be grateful if you can remember the name.
  10. So after some research, i managed to find a mobile company that has a water tank in their truck. Looks like they have a pretty good rep. Testimonials and pics of their clients cars look pretty good. Saw quite a few high end supercars and sedans. Will probably try them out before resorting to any waterless solutions. In case they end up blowing it, i wouldn't mind taking the car to a hand wash somewhere close by. Any suggestions near the 405 and Wilshire? Wouldn't mind driving a bit to get to a good quality spot.
  11. Thanks for the info guys. Love this place. Gonna try one of the mobile waterless detailers i found online. Not gonna risk learning to use these products myself at the expense of my paint. Ill see what products they use and how they apply. If you guys have any recommendations for anybody you had a good experience with, i would gladly try.
  12. Just looked it up online. Their products look excellent. Problem in my building is that i can't wash my car as they don't provide the tenants with a hose/water outlet. I would need to either get someone mobile who has their own water tank, or one of those waterless mobile companies. I seem to have more luck finding the waterless options. Common sense says that it would be bad for the paint, although i must admit I've never tried anything like it before, so i don't know. I honestly have no idea what product the companies I've found use. I did a quick search on yelp and just went straight to the 5 star reviews. I did notice some pretty high end cars in their galleries. Some Super, some Hyper. But would still rather hear from someone about waterless wash options, or even better...get a recommendation/referral for a good one.
  13. After many years abroad, i finally made the move back to LA. Great to finally be back after nearly 8 years. Got online yesterday to search for car washes nearby (Wilshire corridor) and noticed a lot of mobile companies that come out to your house and wash the car in your garage. Only, they don't use water. Just curious about how risky that is for the paint? I imagine that spraying something on a cloth and rubbing it on a dirty car couldnt be great for the clear coat. Any advice/experience?
  14. Tupps11

    Furious 7

    Typical FF franchise movie. Lots of ridiculous, dragged out, and impossible scenes. But it passes time while you gorge on a large sweet/salt bucket of popcorn. Its crazy how much Paul Walker's brother looks like him...
  15. Found this funny... Instructors pranked
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