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  1. Big ol house. Whats the setup with the two pools?
  2. You are right, I am not an owner. I am not actually tearing any Lambo model down. The Urus is a shared platform, it has shared components in its interior and the engine features not just in VAG SUV but other variants. Yet it is the most expensive car with that engine in it. MY point is that so many people refer to the parent company as bean counters etc, yet they are in it for the long haul. I have repeatedly stated in here the models they have produced and now the financial results. But they are still not going to throw money around like drunken sailors in a port. The current market dictates that the flagship model for Lambo has to have a V12 yet to engineer one, chassis gearbox etc is costly especially when it cannot be shared in any other platform. Yet people say it is bean counters. I understand the board's problem, otherwise would do well to understand them to. What I am questioning is how many Urus sales are true end customer sales.
  3. People go on about VAG bean counters. But not the times they input money into Lambo, the output and the ROI. You don't pour cash down a well. The Urus is built using a parts catalogue and is one of the most expensive models using that shared platform. I question the number of dealer sales and the question of actual customer deliveries.
  4. Looks great, would be interesting to hear all of the foibles you encounter.
  5. Out of all the numerous "mass produced" special editions Veneno etc I think from the renders this looks like the most cohesive. Obviously the caveat is that we need to see how representative the renders are. As for the powerplant, a low down battery engine bolstering the torque on a V12 engine, not the worst concept in the world. Now, where is my prophecy
  6. On the day that Bugatti announced that they have a road car that can go 300mph and Lambo still use Audi A7 interface I am not sure that you can say VW are in a mess and they are bean counters. I think they are waiting on production lines to align. What platform can they share with say Bentley / Porsche? Then you will see some quicker turnaround on models. But still, here we are moaning there are not enough models and then when they do produce them... they are producing too many so values are going down and exclusivity is out of the door.
  7. This reads to me that the Urus is not selling as many units to actual customers as they expected.
  8. I certainly think urus aside the first hybrid production lambo will be the huracan.
  9. You should do another video documenting this new experience with the dealer. Then post it here. We will love it.
  10. Saw the J on your IG and it is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy.
  11. He does have a great tone that you can empathise with rather than bleary overbearing dullards that seem to do well. His filmmaking is definitely on a different more considered production level.
  12. I mean what was said when the LM002 was produced? It does add more bandwidth to sporty off road activity. There was talk of a urus racing series and now there is another element to add in. That on a Rally cross circuit would be bags of fun. Another way I see sense in this. We have sporty suv which are traditionally off road vehicles. A sporty off road vehicle is not really sporty so you are starting from a compromised product. This is doing the opposite
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