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  1. Picked up my car at the weekend - I really like it Just a shame it hasn't stopped raining since I got it
  2. Going back to the earlier comment on Kayaking When we were there in October we did the day trip with these guys which was fantastic https://www.blazinpaddles.com
  3. Another UK Senna gets modified - is this the 3rd one thats crashed?
  4. Probably go there for dinner/drinks on Wed 3rd Oct
  5. Thanks for the list - think I'll try Geoffreys for Sat lunch and bar does look good at E.P. & L.P Also thanks for the offer to meet up - let me come back to you once I've sorted out an overall agenda
  6. Fortunately the website is back just in time I'm heading over to LA with the Mrs for a few days in early October Anyone recommend some Restaurants and Bars I should try? I already booked Nobu Malibu and Il Pastio
  7. BTW for those of you like me who live in a right hand drive country I was quite impressed that the car the showed us here in the UK was RHD - normally they don't build these until they are a few months into production
  8. It slots into hinges at the top and then there are locks on the bottom - you can see the hinges here Sorry for the bad picture but the lighting there wasn't great
  9. So who else here is going to the UK launch event next Wednesday - be good to all have a chat there?
  10. Honestly can you tell me one other company where a CEO who behaves like this could possibly still have a job? Clearly the shares fell badly at the end of the week but to me this all looks very much like Enron Musk has clearly got massive personal debt which is secured by his shares so there must be a price at which he will be margin called and it will be game over http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-60...alia-Banks.html
  11. Tesla leant me an X to try a few weeks ago I actually thought it drove ok for a family car but for me the interior finish is just crap for such an expensive car Also had a go in the Jaguar which I prefer - but as others have said why buy any of them when the new Audi / BMW / Merc EVs are about to come out (keep hearing great things from people that have tried the Merc)? ....... what I have also heard/read about Tesla is that the service centres can't cope with the workload - so if your car works its fine but if anything goes wrong or you have a crash the car could be in the g
  12. BTW if you are in the UK apparently they are showing us the car on 29 August at Salon Prive
  13. They aren't exactly stand alone When I was at the factory seeing my Roadster being built there are Audi and Porsche boxes and components everywhere
  14. Think he had very serious lung and other cancer - which I guess caused complications Thats why he had already said he was stepping down at the end of the year
  15. How about the 812Superfast "tdf" - thats got to be another 3 years away?
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