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  1. Not sure why all your SV with Race Exhaust are so slow? My dealership told me that my SV went from 750 stock to 2500 HP with the OEM race exhaust + Lambo NASA ECU Tune. Mine was badged NASA2500, 1 of 1 baby!!
  2. Andrew, great to finally meet you as well and got to hung out a bit! Man, this Bull Fest edition was a blast. My first time to NY Edition, been to Miami all three past editions. Hovik, again, hat off to ya, killed it on the planning and the number of participants that you were able to excite in only two weeks of planning. The driving route was awesome AND beautiful! Loved seeing everyone and got to meet many new Lambros.
  3. Heard was a wealthy family bought it for their kid and their kid crashed it into a ditch? Good thing no one was hurt
  4. Interesting...I know a lot of the Atlanta Lambo crowd...I'll ask around. This is nuts! Brand new SV Roadster at 73 miles....I'd be pissed at myself for letting my friend drive it! 499 left
  5. http://www.thedrive.com/sheetmetal/13797/t...e-being-totaled
  6. Back to any Av folding mirror issues or not folding experiences?
  7. LOL Don't be blue about it
  8. Yes, but you have to do that manually EVERYTIME! It's annoying. Also the stereo power also. It's ALWAYS on EVERYTIME you start the car, even when you turn it off before.
  9. OK, need some clarification on this. We all know the Av has power folding mirrors, but can they be manually folded in by hand like the Gallardo Superleggeras LP570s? I ask this because there were two separate incidents were I freaked out. First incident was during transport one time my Av passenger side mirror was accidentally bumped and turned forward towards the front of the car (opposite of the normal folding direction) and I freaked because when that happened to my Gallardo LP560 awhile back, it broke the internal swivel mechanism. This time however with my Av luckily it didn't get turned that much so it didn't break internally. I adjusted the mirror back to the normal position and checked to see if it folding electronically, luckily it did (phew). So this incident got me wondering if the mirror could be turned manually even though it's electronic. The second incident is more of a heart attack. I accidentally bumped my mirror with my hip and folded my drivers side mirror complete in the folded position. So now I have one mirror folded in the fold position and the other in the normal unfolded position. I first tried the mirror folding knob to get the accidentally folded mirror back into unfolded position, it didn't work. Then I gently twisted/adjusted the accidentally folded mirror back to the unfolded position manually, heard a snap back into place sound, now both mirrors are in the unfolded normal position. Tried the mirror folding power knob again couple of times, the mirrors didn't move at first, but eventually moved (phew again). So all these accidentally incidents made me wonder...can we fold these powered mirrors manually? I have tried so I wanted to reach out to you all Av owners and to see what your experiences are these folded mirrors? Have you ever folded them in and out by hand? Can we do that?
  10. Buy mine 2014 and saved hundreds of thousands
  11. Got himself way too deep in the midst of Indonesian govt corruption affairs. This is like all these movies we see. A key witness to bring down some high up govt. it's sad that he had to take his own life but if he didn't, there were or will probably be a bounty on his head paid by the corrupted govt group or person. Sad...truly sad. More money...more problems, so true. RIP Johannes
  12. Well....was it paint or sticker? Yours is probably vinyl sticker huh? Thought about doing that for my SV
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