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    Small business owner:<br /><br />Huge car enthusiast, owner of a 1964 Fiat 500 D. <br />NOS Murcielago now parked in the garage ;)<br /><br />Yoga teacher since 2011.<br /><br />Animal lover... especially dogs. Have an 11 year old beagle named Dino, who was born at 2:46pm. Some of you will understand that significance :)
  1. Frips_Girl

    FS: Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

    Yes! Send me a PM. Anyone else? I've been awol but will post what I have left.
  2. Frips_Girl

    FS: Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

    Huracan in silver x2. Anyone?
  3. Frips_Girl

    FS: Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

    Great to hear! Thanks FrankD. Still have the ones listed above for anyone interested.
  4. Frips_Girl

    FS: Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

    Fatto In Italia available. Looks just like the Made In Italy (first pic), but in Italian (obviously) : )
  5. Frips_Girl

    FS: Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

    Found this stealth-mode Gallardo in black as well. Any takers? Photos below, including close up of the Gallardo (as it is stealth mode ) Any questions, please PM me directly.
  6. Hi guys, I'm cleaning out all old inventory and the last of my carbon fiber license plate frames. I came across this Made in Italy with the Italian flag stripe (photo attached). I also have a few blanks that can be made into something custom if desired. All frames come with satin-black security cap covers. Total per frame is $70 USD within the USA; Canada, please add $6.50 for shipping. Frames will ship within 24 hours of confirmed payment. Please PM with questions. Once they are gone, they are gone. As I'm also advertising these elsewhere, I'll update here with inventory status. Thanks! Annetta
  7. Frips_Girl

    FS: Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

    No such thing as a POS Mercedes. I'm sure it looks awesome! I had someone put a F-frame on their elderly mothers Prius, and sent me a photo- it was hilariously fitting!
  8. Frips_Girl

    FS: Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

    1 Ferruccio is gone 1 Lambo in silver reflective is gone.
  9. Hi everyone, I have for sale 6 carbon fiber license plate frames- fits North American sized plates. I have 2 of each (photos attached). Pick and choose the ones you want. - Lamborghini in silver - Ferruccio Lamborghini in silver - Made in Italy in silver with Italian flag $60 with free shipping within the USA. Add $5.50 shipping for Canada. Anywhere else, PM me. I will notify as they are sold. Grazie, Annetta
  10. Frips_Girl

    "Every Lamborghini Model Ever in One Magnificent GIF"

    I'm sure there are some missing, but that is pretty awesome. I've already sent the link. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Frips_Girl

    Lamborghini themed garage

    Those look really good. Do you clear over it, or keep it as is? I've seen both done in the past.
  12. Frips_Girl

    Sickest Downhill Mountain Bike Race Ever

    Wow. That's insane. I'm only now becoming comfortable to share the road in a regular riding fashion. I couldn't imagine that!
  13. Frips_Girl

    Idiot Porsche driver...LOL

    I feel bad for the guy. I don't know about the sign situation and if there were any... but man, I do feel bad for the guy. Still funny in a photo though
  14. Frips_Girl

    Near death experiences?

    Holy wow! That's intense. Reading your story was like watching an episode of Mayday, a TV show about flight investigations. You sounded like my favorite episode... the Gimli Glider. Glad that you are okay, and like the pilot said at the end of that one episode in an interview... every pilot wonders how he would do in a situation like that, and now I know. Good for you! Again, happy you're okay
  15. Frips_Girl

    1964 Fiat 500 D

    Luigi comes home today! He was at a friends garage until my UCoatIt garage floor cured. Floor looks awesome by the way, and will be posting pics later If the weather holds up next weekend, we will be debuting him at Cars & Coffee next Saturday