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  1. but the questions remains will she become a Zombie?
  2. I have a friend of mine who is looking at the Huracan and he really likes the dark gray metallic (grigio lynx). In our search we have found more than a few that are Grigio Lynx with terra Emelia interior (kind of porsche terra cottaesque). I've seen no less that 7 of them for sale and it got me wondering why there were 7 people who all specd the car the same, Or were these cars factory demonstrators?
  3. Congrats! You are on a whole nother level!
  4. Been following this since day one, Incredible job Derek! You have been an inspiration to alot of people with this and it certainly has me eyeballing more classic cars now. Enjoy it and if you go to monterey this year let me know.
  5. THe cessna 152 that is in the first picture crashed in june of 1998 (accident report here) The Faa after some time will reissue tail numbers once one has been out of service for a while. That cessna 152 crashed in 1998 the Cirrus that now bears the same tail number was issued in 2004, I dont see anything too screwy there however the part where the FAA database was still pulling the old tail number and not the new one is a little goofy. Now if you run the search it pulls up the "new" tail registered to volant. it could have been something as simple as a typo and everyone looking it up brought it to their attention and they fixed the error or it could be more, I dunno. Also that registration for the Sr20 expired over a year ago, which could mean they have changed the tail number or moved it overseas to another country. edit upon further digging that aircraft was reregistered to volant under a new tail number N145AW. It still is cirrus SR20 serial number 1402 so the aircraft is still around just not necessarily under his ownership.
  6. 10.1 @140 in the quarter is stupid fast, especially for a RWD car. I was just thinking yesterday that the 911 turbo S's 10.5 @131 1/4 was ridiculous but this smokes it
  7. This is from a post i made back in 2010 so the numbers are a little old but it gives you an idea Lets just put it this way ALOT!!!!! But I will do my best to give you an idea of just how much it would cost, I actually figured out the costs for a series of aircraft for a class I took these are the numbers from my findings (I updated the fuel costs but that's it so some of these numbers are about 8-10 years outdated) A big factor is going to be Aircraft choice Here are the stats for a Gulfstream GIV (4) Fuel Burn: 490 Gallons Per hour Fuel Cost : $5.00 a gallon (close to the current average) Maintenance cost per flight hour (roughly): $330 Engine reserve cost per hour: $226 Annual insurance: $58,000 (conservative and variable) Annual hangar space: $75,000 (again conservative and variable) Annual pilot training cost: $35,000 (again conservative) Annual fixed costs: $168,000 (not counting pilots salary) Variable hourly costs: $3,000 If you figure about 250 Hrs a year that comes out to be $2,334 per hour again that's not counting pilots salary and the cost of the plane itself. or about $585,000 a year Heres for a lear 45 Fuel burn: 180 gallons per hour Fuel cost: $5.00 a gallon maintenance cost per flight hour: $210 per hour Engine reserve: $160 per hour annual insurance: $26,000 annual hangar space: $28,000 Annual pilot training: $35,000 Annual fixed cost: $69,000 (not counting pilots salary) Variable hourly cost: $1270 Figuring 250 hours a year it comes out as $1550 an hour per hour again that's not counting pilots salary and the cost of the plane itself. Or about $380,000 a year Again these numbers are about 8 years old and probably not that accurate now but it will give you an idea of the costs that there are. Obviously you can pay more for insurance and maintenance etc etc but if memory serves me correctly these numbers were basically a bare legally required minimum at the time and have probably sky rocketed since. For numbers for pilot salaries well that can be extremely varied. It comes down you how much experience you want your pilots to have, If you can deal with some fresh 500-1000 hour pilots you could easily hire them on as the First officer at <50,000 a year but if you want some old salt who's got 30,000+ hours be prepared to spend 120,000+ a year, Also if you want the pilots to be in charge of maintenance and inspections and all of the behind the scenes stuff tack on another 20%. So you could very easily spend in excess of $250,000 a year just on pilot salaries.
  8. See this right here is exactly why i love this forum and still visit (even if I don't post as much as I used to) I wake up power up the computer to check emails and such, take a sip of coffee and read allan's reply and nearly choke from laughter. Thank-you for never changing!
  9. I think half the fun is playing around with the rumors, yeah alot of em are probably wrong but its kind of fun imagining a "What if" set up.
  10. new rumors floating around now http://speedtwitch.com/source-fords-next-s...-v8-powerplant/
  11. I saw my first one in person not too long ago, man its got presence in person that doesn't come through in pictures.
  12. i was anxiously watching this on FB last night, every time it would crank i was sitting here going "cmon, cmon" (the girl thought i was nuts) SUPER excited for you! Now go put it in the car adn drive it, hell make the road trip to Monterey at the end of summer!
  13. I have about 4 or 5 pair of the surefire sonic defenders. they make them with all levels of NRR set ups. couldn't be happier. really comfortable and i'm in the same boat as you, shooting rifle/shotgun i get a really low cheek weld which makes ear muffs difficult but pistol I'm fine ( obviously). I use the surefires all the time.
  14. me as well however unfortunately my plan is most likely gonna take 3+ years, and im not sure i can push my time table up.
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