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  1. Hey Gino,

    As usual, ridiculous spec on the Urus! Congrats on another amazing acquisition. I have a fried interested in some SV stickers. Ok to have him get in contact with you? If so, what is the best way? I know you are very busy so I appreciate your time.



    Griffin Findlay


  2. Probably my favorite all around vehicle I ever purchased. Fast as shit!!!! Handles like an Aventador! The stereo is phenomenal! The exhaust is almost silent in Strada, gets noticeably louder in sport and sounds awesome in Corsa. I can't believe how much I love it! I think it may replace my Wraith as my everyday driver!!!!
  3. I flew this one in. I was tired of waiting. $19k but worth it
  4. Geez! That is so nice for you to say. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi Fortis! Been a long time, I hope you are doing well. Can yo pm your email/ I hve some awesome photos of things I did to the house.
  6. Glad to see the site is back up! It looks awesome! Well after a very long wait and finally landed last night and made it through customs today. Just got to drive the car home but it’s pretty out rages. Fast as hell incredible ride. The system is awesome yes I said it the system is awesome! The only thing is there is so much going on with electronics and controls it’s going to take me a year to figure it out! Either way I’m so excited this year and I love it!
  7. No boat ride this day. Ace will be coming down in a few weeks and we are doing a run. Rob "Vanilla Ice" is my friend and he loves the boat. He had some crazy boats back in the day.
  8. I thought I would post some photos of one of the best days of my life! The first one is called "Dreams do come true!"
  9. I saw a thread about the best concert you ever saw so I thought I would post this. I have been a long time Kiss fan. When Gene Simmons was looking for a fan to help him with his new project. He said he has people all around him that tell him exactly what he wants to hear and for "The Vault" project he wanted a fan to be the Executive Producer. I was fortunate enough to be picked (long story). We were set up to Meet at Electric Lady Studio in NY and as typical Lubejobs luck, we had our hurricane 3 days before our Studio date. Gene was afraid I wouldn't make it due to commercial airlines were not operating but I flew private. Gene was so appreciative that when he came to Florida for the big Vault event, he stayed in Florid an extra day came to my house for lunch with Ace Frehley who he just made amends with. We were having such a nice afternoon, Gene and Ace took of my guitars (I collect) that were hanging on my wall and did a concert in my living room. It was the second time Ace played with Gene in 16 years! Here is a video of part of the afternoon. Remember, these are untoned guitars that were handing on my wall.
  10. Due to an unexpected family incident, I'm putting my SV's up for sale. Price is negotiable as a pair.
  11. If VW is behind it, I'm sure it will have low emissions!!!
  12. Sea Sickness is the worst. I've tried everything!
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