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  1. What type and weight of oil are you guys using in your TT Gallardos/Huracans?
  2. They all vary. I picked up one of the houses for $72,500 in 1991 and it was my personal house for 10 years. 800 sq feet with 2 roommates and a girlfriend. This is now worth about $225,000 and it is renting for $1375. Picked up an apartment complex for 540K in 1995 (at a steal, because it previously sold for 1.7M) and it is now worth about 3.3M and rents are around $1100 - $1300 per month x 32 units.
  3. Rental Real Estate is hard when you only have a few units. I would do the management yourself. If you do farm it out you shouldn't pay more than 6% and I don't give a shit what they tell you, don't pay 10. They find the people and they do pretty good at that, and then every month you will wonder why the heck you are paying them. As far as throwing people on their ass. It isn't your fault that you have to throw them on their ass. It was their decision not to pay you. I had one lady who first rented in 1989 and she didn't move out until she died in 2006. Never any issues. I promise you that not all tenants were like that. I wish. Been through fires, floods, roaches, murders, drugs, drugs, and more drugs. Maintenance will gouge you. I used a property management company for 1 year and replaced 34 ACs that year. When it was probably some simple BS like a capacitor, or fan motor. They don't give a crap. Now that we handle all of the maintenance internally much easier. So with 6 units, who do you call for paint, or carpet, or HVAC? When you get 50 you can get some people that you use on a regular contract basis. When you get 100 you will get some full time maintenance. I have over 150. We buy paint when on special by the pallet. Would bought 3 semis full of clearance carpet, and save a ton. You won't do that with 6 units. Once you get 500 you can now have 3 AC guys so that when the first one is drunk and the second in jail you still have the other guy to get some work done. Also I didn't need the cash flow so all of my loans are short term. I house I got a 10 year on and actually lose about $35 per month. Another 15 year and only make like $50 per month. But damn when retirement hits. 168 paid off units @ $1000+ per month will be a pretty good retirement.
  4. The PEOs are no better. I have been with ADP, Paychex, and Administaff. Obamacare is based upon income not based upon how much money you have or how much money your business made. I pay myself a $35,000 per year salary and our family policy is $148 per month with BCBS. Back when I was paying myself $300K+ we were paying $1800 a month. There are some problems with this. I was paying myself $26,000 per year and then I couldn't get Obamacare, I had to get Medicaid. So I bumped my pay a little. Also if you ever want to buy anything based upon personal income, $35K doesn't buy much. Since I am not buying houses or cars any more it doesn't really matter. For cars I have bought them in the business name which takes care of that.
  5. I could sell mine. Black TT Spyder, 6 speed gated.
  6. So with the way I use coinbase I should never show any gains. And since they haven't brought the hammer down on bittrex, binance or the others I am fine for now.
  7. But I have never really traded anything in coinbase, I have always transferred it to somewhere else. So I have made $0 in coinbase. Will I not have any liability?
  8. Anyone know how this works? Lets say I would put $10K into coinbase and then transfer it all to Bittrex and it just sits in Bittrex for 5 years and never goes back to coinbase, and I never made any money in coinbase, what would the resulting taxes be in that? And if I transferred $10K back to coinbase and then back to my checking account what then? Even if it climbed to a billion in Bittrex coinbase wouldn't know.
  9. Hashflare is a scam. Genesis appears to be good. The thing about Genesis is that they appear to be buying legitimate machines and will only let you buy if there are legitimate contracts. Hashflare just continues to take your money. They have a few machines. Or at least a few pictures of a few machines. But if you look at pictures of their supposed datacenter they show a couple hundred machines and I have seen people's accounts that supposedly have 165 machine equivalents that they are paying for. I personally think hashflare is a Ponzi like bitconnect and davor. Not saying you can't make money on the Ponzi, but they do fail over time.
  10. I think we hit the bottom. BTC was 10,100 now 12200 ETH was 800 now 1150 XRP was .92 now 1.23 LTC was 145 now 210 XVG was .06 now .085 TRX was .045 now .06 These are just some of the ones I own. Wish I had the cash to buy at the bottom.
  11. Then you have cooked more than I have. I don't even cook on the grill. My wife cooks everything. I do like to eat though.
  12. What the hell is instapot? Sounds like a way to get stoned quickly.
  13. I need to apologize to everyone. As everyone can see ETH has been climbing quickly. So I officially bought in yesterday. And as soon as I did, my curse hit and it quit going up. That was all me, and I need to apologize. So if anyone has a coin that they would like to go down, just let me know and I will buy it and next thing you know it will drop.
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