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  1. shipwreck

    Shfit Sector Indiana this weekend

    Good luck this weekend. Looking forward to the red DCT Huracan results.
  2. Congrats RobRob!
  3. shipwreck

    Will a bolt on TT Huracan take a 720s?

    Sounds good, we’ll try to set something up. Thanks.
  4. shipwreck

    Will a bolt on TT Huracan take a 720s?

    I’ve got an Underground Racing bolt-on turbo kit (stock motor w/ upgraded clutch, stage 2) on my Huracan. Makes ~850whp @ 8psi on 93 octane. I’ll volunteer my car for the comparison, just need to find a 720S in the Houston area.
  5. Awesome! Love that blue!
  6. Wicked Huracan season in the US. 😉🤣
  7. Awesome! Another beast on the streets!
  8. shipwreck

    She's Here and She's Green ...

    Wow! That is so awesome! Congratulations and good luck with it!
  9. So, straight line acceleration is the same between the R888 and R888R? On the Huracan, y'all are running the stock Pirelli 245/30/ZR20 front tires and using the R888/R888R 315/30R20 for rear tires? Any difference at all between the old R888 and new R888R? Wet and dry performance? Wear? Road noise (the R888 would hum relatively loud on my GTR)?
  10. shipwreck

    Stage 3 or ....

    Yea, that makes sense. Seems like the stage 3 with race heads is the most popular for the DCT R8/Huracan. Must be a good reason for that
  11. shipwreck

    The Aventador is so unreliable

    Sorry to hear all that. Even if they are unreliable, they are certainly easy on the eyes. So beautiful.
  12. shipwreck

    Stage 3 or ....

    I was considering the stage 2 kit for my Huracan, and if I need more... then upgrade to the stage 3 with race heads in a year or 2. It seems most people jump right into the Stage 3, because I can't find too much real world information (customer cars) on the stage 2 UR build.