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  1. Beautiful cars Jim, and an amazing accomplishment. Congrats!
  2. +1. Would rather stick a fork in my eye than hear his voice. Maybe it's a generational thing, but geez.
  3. Looks more like an NSX to me. I guess we'll know the truth in 3 days.
  4. RedGTS

    RIP Taylor Sims

    Lot of familiar names on there, including a major contribution from UR. RIP.
  5. Love the car, and the color. Welcome.
  6. That's a badass render but I'd be shocked if it looked that good. I do think it will look a good bit better than the C7 though.
  7. No doubt the Z06 and higher end variants will be that much and more (they are now), but if that's the price for the least expensive version, they will have reduced their universe of potential buyers by about 80% and it would dramatically impact their sales. No way they could sell anywhere near the numbers they usually churn out (30-40k units a year) at $100k+. I guess the upside would be you wouldn't have to worry about seeing them on every corner like the previous cars. Will be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  8. No more auto-correct to POS? It's a Lambopower milestone! Very interested to see the new car, and I hope they don't take it solely upmarket. A V8 ME great handling vette that still starts in the $70k range would be very interesting.
  9. Congrats. Hoping to get one in the next 30 days on a Liberty Leonidas upper I've had sitting at a local shop for quite a while. That this process even exists is absurd, but oh well.
  10. Are you looking at the 1/4 mile trap on the 1/2 mile timeslip? Toward the end of the vid there is a 1/4 mile run on a dragstrip showing 141.
  11. Reminds me of a Tom Wolfe quote: Fascism is always descending on the United States yet lands only in Europe.
  12. RedGTS


    I actually thought the updates in '17 were good improvements, but that looks like a giant catfish to me.
  13. Not just Chavez but probably most of his family. His 30 something year old favorite daughter was reportedly the wealthiest person in Venezuela after his death (~$4 billion IIRC). Amazes me how some people claim we need socialism because of income inequality, but income inequality in places with the most socialism is a million times worse than what exists under capitalism. Then when you point out all the historical examples of what has occurred under socialist regimes (including mass murder), they say "Oh but that wasn't really socialism" or "that wasn't true socialism." So I gather socialism works great on paper, but is an abject disaster in real life.
  14. More like so covered up they can't surface for air would be my guess.
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