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  1. MKS

    Shfit Sector Indiana this weekend

  2. My thoughts exactly hahaha
  3. That doesn’t even look like a half mile ... looks a lot shorter
  4. MKS

    Colorado Springs 1/2 Mile Event

    Congratulations guys you deserve it and it’s time to change your signature Kevin 👏👏👏👏
  5. Beautiful car beautiful build can’t wait to see it
  6. Beautiful car and a great owner wish him all the best!
  7. Looking Good 👍👍
  8. MKS

    TX2K18 update thread

    Both Of you are great drivers and we all enjoyed watching you race 👍👍
  9. MKS

    King of the Streets event video***

    Congratulations 👍👍 and really really nice video!
  10. MKS

    Best Video ever.. trolling T1

  11. It’s always good to see the truth Thank you Underground Racing for clearing things for us
  12. Can’t wait 👌👌👌