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  1. The car is fantastic. I have driven on track and blown away. It drives better than the Performante. Lambo knocked It out of the park. Congrats.
  2. Unica app shows now it’s the Evo Spyder RWD. How boring ! “today we are excited to announce a car nobody asked for”
  3. Thank you. Here are a few !
  4. During these crazy times the new addition to the house surely is a calming place
  5. If you can find me an SVJ roadster for $550k i am in lol. You are talking about coupe and the experience is not even close for those two. The roadsters for sure will be way way more desirable. I think lol
  6. VCR, I did not know about the x brace. Damn. What’s your thought in middle of all this crap? I certainly am not buying this car for any investment purposes but just wondering if during this recession coming if dropping $750k+ makes sense lol or the 63 or the 20 of them coming to the states is rare enough the thing is that matte colors are pretty expensive regularly and like 2/3 of the free color options are matte for the 63. So it’s not like they are cheapening out. It’s not like they are making thousands of 63s. I am sure each one is painted individually so to switch out one premium color vs the other should not an issue.
  7. I have driven the standard H, P and Evo and the Evo is incredible. I had a pretty long session with Corey Lewis at PBIR and when i was in Aspen and he said, the Evo is just a tenth behind in straight line vs the Performante due to not being as light, but on a track it is faster pretty much across the board. And yes, i think the last version or Performante 2.0 will be the one to have since once again the replacement will not be 100% NA and will use electric motors.
  8. No the entire guide is labeled for “SVJ63 Roadster” so it shows nothing of the other cars and what is included or not.
  9. Thank you. Yes the 63 roadster is confirmed and I was supposed to go to Italy March 25th to spec it out and of course the rest is history. I am just a little ticked I guess cause at first they said the “63” will be $100k over the standard roadster which was fine. So not only it’s $140k more but you can’t change one premium color for another premium color. $14k is still $14k to pay on top to change from let’s say Viola Parsifae to Blu Cepheus. It almost makes me want to just stick with VP lol
  10. Hey guys my dealer sent me the price and options list for the SVJ63 Roadster. So I had a question. The MSRP is $710k which is roughly $130-140k over the standard SVJ roadster. Now with the 63 it does come with many things that you would have to pay extra for starting from base assuming you wanted those options and of course the exposed CF in areas that are not even options on the standard SVJ and only 20 coming to the states. what makes no sense is that there are 8 configurations of color schemes that it comes with you can choose from for free and many of them are expensive colors one would pay if you were speccing from a standard car. I want blu cepheus which is not one of the FREE options. What makes no sense is that Viola Parsifae is free for this 63 package and that color on its own is a $14-16k option to begin with. To me it makes no sense that they have to paint a bare car anyways and they say I still have to pay the Blu cepheus up charge if I want to change it. It’s not like they have to strip a car to repaint it. Does this make sense ?
  11. I had Ad Persona scheduled at factory and got word last week that all Ad Persona is cancelled until further notice
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