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  1. So I was at Monterey last year and have had an allocation for a standard SVJ roadster, but fell in love with the 63 edition and have been working the back channels for an entire year. My dealer just called me to confirm that they received an email from the factory that I have been confirmed for the 63 roadster allocation and the letter will come after Monterey which means they will be showing the 63 roadster next month. I had not intended to go to Monterey this year but now it is a must Does anyone have tickets to the quail they want to sell?
  2. alpha6164

    Monterey 2019

    Does anyone have tickets to The Quail they want to sell ? I need 1 or 2
  3. Has anyone heard anything about a possibility of an SVJ63 roadster? My dealer swear that they are going to do SVJ63 roadster. Which obviously wouldnt surprise me since they like to make a roadster version of everything (modern times sans 670SV). But i thought someone here may have heard. I wonder if they will show it in Monterey?
  4. That is awesome to know. I had no idea there was another option besides the Leonardo and factory. I just read your post and I do see that Texa has the Supercar option. Since you use it, does it support all the functions of what factory provides? Most importantly things like calibrating throttle bodies, Egear snaps, transmission stuff, lowering and raising spoiler in aventador etc. And i see a site obdmonitor.com sells the package for $6600. Does that sound right?
  5. Sorry didnt mean to offent and did not if it was yours personally .If you bought it yourself from them I believe it.
  6. This looks like a knock off to me. The ones i have seen all have vacuum valves and a plate stamped LNB motorsports on them.
  7. RIP. Full respect for UGR for donating $10k. mad props
  8. Impossible to know “if it is worth it.” My only reference is look at the Ford GT Heritage edition. Hell its not even CF. Just a Gulf livery and those cars bring $500k vs $250-300k for a standard FGT. To me the SVJ63 at least has actual difference than just paint and stickers.
  9. Maybe i am just weird but I like it. I dont see what you guys are talking about the CF not making it look right. And for $320k for a roadster i think it is a solid deal assuming the car itself checks out without a history
  10. John is one of the biggest Lambo nuts maybe more than Roy. And its just not him. He got his passion from his father. The Miura SV they had the factory bought back from them and now sitting in museum. He is a solid guy.
  11. So SVJ is basically doing base Huracan times? It seems a Performante would beat the SVJ, damn
  12. That would be great and highly appreciated. Do you know if the LP640 needs to be resynced with LARA it is it the gen 1 murci that needs it ?
  13. My 07 LP640 has been one of my most trouble free cars in the 4 years I have owned it. Yesterday stopping at the red light and it turns green and I press the gas and the the car bogs down. No matter how deep I press the gas the RPM actually goes from let’s say 1k to 700rpm. I immediately turn off the car and restart the car drives fine. I thought ok maybe some glitch. No lights or anything. I drove for a good 30 min to my next destination, park the car finish my meeting and get in the car within 2 min of driving same damn thing happens and now check engine light comes on and the car is creeping at 2-3 mph and I pull into a CVS. Quite embarrassed with all the on lookers let the car cool off for a few min and restart the car and now the car drives but it feels like it’s not all normal. I get the car to my friends shop and run a scan and I get P0226 P0227 P1226 And looks like TB issues With the car running I start to disconnect one TB plug one at a time to see change in engine tone etc and at first one one of the TBs didn’t change the sound of engine when I disconnected it but then second time it did After this the car ran perfect The little surging it was doing was gone and took the car for drive and runs perfect Drove the car home which was a good 45 min and never did the again now I am worried taking the car out cause I have no clue what’s happened lol 1) can a bad TB suddenly come to life? 2) was it bad plug connection ? 3) is it something else ? i have tried to search and I get mixed results some posts say the LP640 does not need re-learning and how it self calibrates every 4 seconds and some posts where people discuss needing the LDAS to recalibrate them Any and all inputs would be highly appreciated
  14. Brooks, is the SVJ faster 60-130 compared to Performate and SV? or even standard S?
  15. I agree with most except that the "the last is not always the best." The countach is pretty much the exception. You may think the Diablo SV is a "funner" car but the 6.0 and 6.0SE are much better cars in every sense. You can always convert the 6.0 to a RWD and you have a better engine, pretty much better everything. Also stock for stock the 6.0 and 6.0SE bring more money now than the SV. The 670SV also brings more and I am sure the last version of Aventador fill follow the same rules.
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