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  1. Hello all. My Diablo 6.0 is having some GFA issues. Of course the part is not available from the factory. Does anyone know of any person or shops that repair ECUs/GFAs? I have did some google searcehs and called some "ECU repair" shops and everyone has said no the moment they hear Lamborghini. I have also come across a couple of posts here and there where some people have stated where they put a an early Murci GFA in their Diablos and all worked well. Any and all inputs would be highly appreciated.
  2. To each his own, but the Aventador is already "slow" compared to the current supercars and the last thing I want is to be even slower lol. I would not even mind if it didnt gain power but at least not lose any. It blows my mind that Lambo owners drop $8-12k on exhaust and install, but dont spend $200 to dyno their cars before and after, like wtf lol
  3. Make sure you get a dyno before and after. The design of that exhaust definitely is not conducive to making power and most likely you are losing a good bit. I spoke to maker of the exhaust "Brilliant" and he said "my only concern is sound, i dont care if it loses power." That did not sound comforting to me. It does sound glorious though but not at the cost of losing power. Aventador is already "slow" compared to todays exotics and sure as hell dont want to have less power.
  4. I spoke to Maurizio for about 10-15 min at last Monterey when I found out I am getting the SVJ63 roadster and he told me it’s gonna be V12 with 3 motors. I specifically brought up the SF90 and how much power it makes and said something to the tune of “I hope it’s same level of performance.” He just smiled and winked and said “you won’t be disappointed.” And it certainly will not be released next year. I just found out my 63 roadster doesn’t even go into production until May 2021 so it will def be later. I assume it may be unveiled in 2022 Monterey and available later that year or early 2023.
  5. I haven’t seen a white SV marketed anywhere. I may know someone that wants one. Can you send me some details.
  6. My SV went under a transformation this past two weeks. As amazing as the car looked in its black color, I believe a wild car such as this needs to scream. All the carbon fiber just blended with the car. The SV is wrapped [email protected] vinyl which literally looks like paint. The work was done by @masterautofilms and all I can say is wow. This wrap is literally perfection. The carbon pieces all now prop and show a great contrast to the color. I am beyond happy with the final results ❤️
  7. Yes sir but changed things up a bit. I cant wait for it to come.
  8. That is a fair assessment except we still do not know that since no one refuses to post before and after dyno
  9. I kind of disagree. It’s one thing if it made no extra power but sounded amazing. But how do you know it’s not losing power ? I’m not sure if you were around or remember but a couple years back when the factory was offering the race exhaust and tune and they claimed that it gained 10% power and now mind you this is factory not some little shop in California i’m not sure if you were around or remember but a couple years back when the factory was offering the race exhaust and tune and they claimed that it gained 10% power and now mind you this is factory not some little shop in California Well for once the smart buyer had his Aventador dynod the day before the exhaust installation by the dealership and had it immediately dynode after and he lost almost 50 foot pounds of torque in the process and gained 4 whp at 8500 rpm lol. He was in a battle with factory for months and they had no explanation and at the end of the day they completely removed this option which is why you can no longer but a race exhaust and tune for the Aventador from the factory cause they couldn’t even back up their claim. I don’t give a damn how good an exhaust sounds if I’m gonna lose 50 ft/lb
  10. Thanks for your input. Are you tall? What i gather is that it is very height dependent. I am 5'7" and yesterday sat in the Huracan perf carbon seats and felt pretty good to me. I can see if you are 6' or taller it would suck. I will still either do an upgraded seat bracket or use spacers and make a tilt in the seats which all who have done say makes a world of difference. But specs are finalized and i went with the carbon seats
  11. No they are not. I have spoken to Alex Gintani and he stated that he does not change headers at all but that he "extends the headers." This statement which I have asked on two separate occasions makes absolutely no sense because it means nothing. "extending the headers" is the same thing as attaching cat delete pipes right after the header which is "extending" the header. The issue with many of these shops are that they are making exhaust for sound or fire and cracks and pops. Ask one of them to post a before and after dyno. All these hops have dynos. Do you wonder why they never post a before and after but post 75 videos of other things?
  12. I need to do valve adjustments on my Diablo 6.0 and besides going to a dealership I wanted fi know Indy shops that would be trustworthy for this job. It is obviously an easy job like an oil change so want to be sure who it goes to. Appreciate all the inputs.
  13. Thanks for everyone for their input. VCR, after reading your post, I decided to go with sports carbon seats. YOLO
  14. So the spec in my SVJ63 roadster is 99.99% done. Everyone encouraged me to order the comfort seats instead of the carbon seats and how I will hate the car etc etc. So now that I took delivery of my Murci 670SV I am not that mad about the carbon buckets. I am not sure how similar they are but I figured they have to be close since neither recline and are fixed etc. Does anyone have any inputs or possibly experienced the Murci SV and carbon seats in Aventador and if they are similar and as bad as everyone complains about ? The carbon seats look so much better and part of me thinks I am gonna ruin the feel if I go comfort but then when I hear people trading in their Aventadors cause they hated the carbon seats makes me think twice lol. All inputs appreciated.
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