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  1. I have found a great upgrade and lifetime warranty coil packs for the 6.0 Diablo and early Murcielago that others on this site and eBay pass off as their own and give no warranty. NAPA in the U.S. sell these coils for our cars. They are only $60 each and carry a LIFETIME warranty through them. And best of all, you can go to your local supplier or order online quickly with no wait. They are part #IC634. I have put them in my car and compared them with a certain WIPEOUT “upgraded“ coils and these are the identical ones used and those coils through that person are not warrantied. LIFETIME WARRAN
  2. After doing a brake job on my murci I noticed a bearing that was damaged and missing half its ball bearings. It connects the trans to the rear end through a mini driveshaft. Anyone change before? Dealer parts dept told me tech said that's engine out but it looks splined on both sides and if I removed the rear end it would slide back out to change. Any help or input would be great
  3. I will let you know once it is all tuned. Going with a piggy back system that has been proven overseas. I will fill u in with details once we know it works.
  4. I've had Napa Auto parts of all places turn lamborghini rotors in the past. But judging by yours warping so easily, there's a chance these were not virgins to the lathe...the minimum thickness is written right on rotor front. Use a micrometer and check to see what you have to play with...
  5. So I have a set of 2006 murcielago front calipers that I want to retro fit to my 2003. As you all know, the 2002-2003 murcielago coudnt stop if their lives depended on it. A simple upgrade seems to retro fit the brembo larger calipers from a 2004-2010 non cc to my vehicle but the mounting holes do not line up. One choice is to swap the knuckle out at a cost of around $1000 per side used give or take. My question is: Has anyone fit these to a 02-03 murci without the use of a newer knuckle? Can I use a piece of machined titanium or something really strong and thin to mount to the knuckle and the
  6. Yes, I was told the stock manifolds are a high flow great design and to change them was pointless. We removed and inspected them and determined that they were more than sufficient for the twin turbo platform. Have u heard otherwise? I'm all for any input good or bad. Thanks. Scott
  7. Man I wish! I only have the one. A 2003 murcielago with a LB Performance liberty walk kit before they were wide body. I just added the LP 640 taillights the other day.
  8. Build coming along. I can't wait until finished. Here's a few pics of progress along the way...turbo Joe is an amazing welder/fabricator! Hats off to him!
  9. Progress pics. Can't wait till fully built...
  10. White I chose is bianco Isis. Straight white. I love it so far. My seats are getting refurbished as we speak and obviously a few other goodies. The green came out like factory. I only know because I painted a friends car at the same time with my same paint. The red chrome was a wrap. I loved it, day or night it shined! I will post more pics when completed. This shows my green and the factory green close together.
  11. Not sure if I added the pic of the many changes my car has gone through. Almost 5 years and on its 4th skin molting lol
  12. I appreceiate the chime in and help. The clutch will be an issue and will be addressed. I just finished reading an unfortunate post between you and another member and glad to see you are helpful to those that aren't even a customer of yours. Im sure I'll have other questions and quirks come up but look forward to being part of the TT community in general. Racing won't be in my future but long trips and fun times await!
  13. Just asking for my own knowledge, but will driving with traction off alleviate any front diff breakdown or does the tire size deviation from stock kill it anyway. I'm 2wd so doesn't effect me either way as you know but curious if that's what killed my diff. I ALWAYS drive with traction off for the record. Always have, always will...
  14. So I have a 2003 Murcielago. Ive owned it for almost five years now and get bored quite often as my pic of color changes and wraps will show. So I decided to TT it after the guys at Straightline Performance in Joliet have done a few crazy builds for me in the past. We were putting off doing the mod to my murci until we got all the facts about what the stock block can hold, what the rear end can hold, and who can tune once complete. So we solved the issues out and now have commenced the work. I agree we are keeping boost levels moderately low and staying well within 3 digit hp range. Any input
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