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  1. Nice work Did you notice any power increase with primaries off?
  2. It is called Highpower systems from the wizards of nitrous. It is a wet progressively controlled system. The way I set it up is I ran twin pulsoids systems (1 per bank) each system is split into 2 crossfire injectors/nozzles (4 total, 1 per TB intake) The fueling to the nitrous system is fed by a standalone fuel system with a 1 gallon remote fuel cell running MS109 fuel.
  3. I thought I'd post a small encounter I had with a hellcat for your entertainment. Murci has custom intakes, exhaust and a little secret ingredient. Approx. 800 hp at the crank. Hellcat has intakes, exhaust and 315s radials.
  4. Murcielago 6.2 fuel pumps Bosch part # 0580464048 or 69418. $97 on amazon. Fuel Injectors Accel 26 lbs./hr. Part # 150826 (set of 8) you can buy 2 sets for at around $300/set. (matches the original flow of the weber iw-31 270cc/min) Fuel Pressure Regulators I'll post part numbers once I know it works for sure. Regards
  5. Hello everyone I'm also due for a new set of tires on my 04 Murcielago. What about running the Rossos in the front 24.8" and the nitto NT555R 335/30ZR18 which is 26.06. This will put us at 1.26 difference. Will that be ok? Thanks in advance.
  6. According to the Jan 1993 workshop manual the FPRs are return style calibrated at 2.5 bar (36psi) I'm sure any universal EFI adjustable (30-70 psi) aeromotive bypass regulator will work after adjusting to 36 psi. You can install a pressure gauge in the reg. to adjust to the proper pressure. I don't have them on my diablo but I used them before on a stand alone fuel system to tune a nitrous system. Cheers
  7. What an inspiring thread. Thank you for your efforts to post and share your experience with others. I will be doing an engine out starting this fall for a transmission rebuild.
  8. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  9. Hello everyone. I've been a long time lurker on here. Lots of great posts and wealth of info. I would like to send special thanks to those members that take the time and effort to develop the topics with pictures, how to's and part referencing. I've been an owner of a 91 Diablo for close to a year now. It has been a wonderful experience but unfortunately it is starting to show signs of synchro problems, I get grinds upshifting to second gear and downshifting to 1st gear. All other gears are normal. It is getting to the point where if I want to drive the car I skip second gear all together. I've already changed the simple stuff (clutch master and slave), bled clutch slave, changed transmission fluid but didn't help much if any. I have a chance to get my hands on a replacement trans. out of a 94 VT at a good price. Does anyone know if the 94 Trans bolts up directly and operate properly with a 91? I know I will have the trans knuckle joint in the front spinning on its own due to non VT. Any problems with that? Thanks in advance Hadi
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