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  1. I am not sure how it compares to the MS racing system. I haven't heard it in person, which is the only real way to compare. Fabspeed system is stupid loud on the outside, but nothing too crazy on the inside. Mine doesn't drone which is a plus. Family member of mine has a 430 Scud and it actually drone way more with the factory exhaust oddly enough.
  2. Fabspeed is what I have on mine too. Their exhausts give the Murcie the classic F1 WOT sound.
  3. I'll echo others, really well done.
  4. RobberBaron


    Badass. The crazy we all expect from Lambo.
  5. Great addition to an epic collection!
  6. Glad everyone ended up being okay, but a crappy situation from that point on. I can only imagine how long it will take to get everything squared away.
  7. The rims take the car to the next level!
  8. I really enjoyed seeing all of the different eras of v12s being properly driven. Sweet video!
  9. RobberBaron

    SV X 3

    STUNNING cars!
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