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  1. Hi guys, It's been so long and I sold my Gallardo back in 2012 but I was digging through my garage and I've got this Visible Carbon Fiber Engine Bonnet (Trunk?) Hood with a honey comb engine window. This piece should be plug and play if I remember correctly. The silver stuff is some heat tape on there that is a bit stubborn but could be removed with a heat gun. This is great for a track or competition car if you're looking to save some weight over the stock hood. I remember on my Gallardo, I didn't have a transparent cover, so this was an upgrade for me so that I could see the engine through the bonnet. This came off of my 2006 Gallardo, but it should also fit any LP-series cars as I don't think there was a change in that department. There are some small scratches here and there on it from storage in my garage. Images are attached. I remember I paid $3750 for it + whatever the mesh window was. Here is the link from please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors: https://www.please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors.com/Gallardo-Engine-Cover.asp Make me a reasonable offer and it's yours, I'm trying to make space in my garage as it's starting to get a little cluttered with stuff. If you're in the Northeast, I can deliver it within a reasonable distance from zip code 08902 otherwise pickup is the other option. Honestly, I wouldn't want to risk shipping it and when I ordered it, it was a freight item so that is a pain in the arse. Price: Make me an offer.
  2. Well now at least we know when turbos get involved, we won't need to change gear ratios
  3. Alot of snow here in the Northeast. Can't even look for apartments in Manhattan that I had planned for today.
  4. Top Gear is not going to waste their time filming you and Allan racing. Their comedy is staged whereas you are a real joke.
  5. You're welcome to wager a sanctioned road course race with me. I've had a little experience. I'll even have the entire thing filmed if you want
  6. Will you race any Lambo on a road course or just Allans?
  7. PDK vs. my G will be up this weekend + Murcielago vs. GTR.
  8. There's one of me vs. a PDK, and I'll tell you right now, it's not pretty. The 458 will also win, but I can't say for sure til I find out.
  9. Unfortunately not, but the black Turbo is also a Turbo S PDK, so that made a huge difference.
  10. Voila. From a dig. 997.1TT is modded, and the PDK is stock.
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