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  1. TestShoot

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    https://www.fathomevents.com/events/they-shall-not-grow-old It will be in theaters again Jan 21st... TOMORROW
  2. TestShoot

    Credit score question...

    Hello, I worked for Experian for a year consulting on their web business, so I can have a little information here but I am not an expert. I'd be curious to know if you pulled a three credit union report, and how long it has been since you paid it off. I figure it will bounce back pretty damned fast once paid, probably a month or two. Payment history is one of the highest impacts on your score, but usually the first one is graced in. If you have a derogatory remark along with it, dispute that. It is a big factor as well. It sucks, but relax, it is not like we have debtor's prisons anymore. Fighting it is perceived as getting to a number that will get you better loan rates, but the number is only part of the picture. It will be rebounding while you try to fight the error. I took out 2 car loans and opened an Amazon.com rewards credit card in 2018. My average age of accounts tanked hard but everything else was kosher and rebounded in about three months. When I talked about a third car, my bank said the score was not a factor considering my history with them but warned me a new account would not look too great. they said the score might give me a heart attack to look at, but to relax, other factors mattered more.
  3. We'll see how technology and interest waxes and wanes. Back in the early days before YouTube, I owned the SEO for exotic videos. I had servers to host files, plus Real Player, and NetPlayer options to stream the videos. Even when YT started, they used to have the embeded player with playlist, so I leveraged that. I even monetized when it happened, it was something weak like 1k a month at peak with banner ads that were not intrusive but it was about sharing with like minded friends more than making a business. I want to make a thread about the growth of car content from 2000-present. I know I'll get crucified along the way, but it may just be a good series of historical notes.
  4. Interesting for me, this week I discovered the drama I totally missed about folks like cupgang vs solomandrin (sp?) and the supposed drama with VV, and the trust funders vs the social media kids. Everybody have always been fcuking each other over for social media status. Dougie D is starting to look really interesting by comparison.
  5. TestShoot

    California Exhaust law

    The GTI is nice and makes sense, whereas an Abarth is cheap, flimsy, and makes no sense. This absurdity makes it that much more fun to drive 10/10ths.
  6. TestShoot

    They ruined a Huracan, for this?!

    drop dead gorgeous, bro!
  7. TestShoot


    It was a general observation about SoCal exotics getting lemon lawed at an abnormal rate.
  8. TestShoot


    Lemon law the Senna was not possible, so burn it down.
  9. TestShoot

    California Exhaust law

    Well, my Fiat 500 Abarth is loud but has yet to attract the coppers which baffles me. Everyone assumes it has a modified exhaust, such noise from a tiny car surely must be modified.
  10. TestShoot

    Another year with record sales for Lamborghini

    The Urus was a big boost!
  11. TestShoot

    I’m back…

    Damn, just when I wanted to test out this new cadaver sniffing dog. Guess we gotta call off the search and recovery team now.
  12. TestShoot

    Things that make you say DAMN!

    meth and bud light
  13. TestShoot

    Playing with my Redhead in the Snow...

    expected Pablo Escobar, got Sean White, i still approve
  14. TestShoot

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    i got too tired, fell asleep before the last showing. i am hoping for a re-release