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  1. So it is probably hardwired or soldered on. There are three conventional SIM sizes: full, mico, nano. ATT sells one that you can use that has all three sizes you break odd what you don't need. I do the unlimited hotspot wifi puck thing, so i have some familiarity, but do come across devices that have an onboard, unchangeable SIM
  2. brain cancer, dead at 67
  3. IIRC VRAlexander and Al were friends. I want to say VR mentioned something about them doing some clutches or something and that is how it all began for him.
  4. I actually saw them on Craigslist years ago when I was looking for giant jenga and other large games for house parties.
  5. those "touches" are pretty rancid. "Oevil man" in poor hot-rodder-in-the-midwest script is laughable
  6. I asked Bob about LeMans, and all that, when I went there last year. He didn't have much to say, then the topic quickly changed to it being my birthday and and I never got the story. The problem I had with the movie was the kind nature they painted Carroll and Ken to be in. I have heard nothing but the contrary.
  7. still too Porsche in the front and Audi in the rear for my taste, but I love the profile
  8. Sometimes you get little tidbits in videos, but you have to sit through a lot. This critique brought to you by Anson Belt & Buckle. (I am a customer because of MF, and my fat a**)
  9. nvm, i had to watch it a few times, i sort of tuned out at the facilities talk, and it somehow made me forget them talking about the car at all before that.
  10. I see the Porsche from the front, Audi in the rear. It irks me a little. I see both quite often to where the Bentayga just seems to blend in these days.
  11. i have not seen a luminous wrap before, so I was wondering if it was an EL panel or Lumilor paint
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