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  1. "The Queen is dead" - Morrissey
  2. I pop in now and then to see what's new, but the virus has been keeping a lot of events low key and not everyone is going out
  3. Still surprised nobody has been flushed down the drain yet
  4. Sportwagon, all day long in that comparison. The tune ability as discussed is bonkers. It can give your golden retriever doggie-whiplash. The problem i have with the bull is that urus-q6-cayenne is to me as tahoe-suburban-yukon; soul-less platform cars with upbadging. I loved the urus up until the point i saw it next to its siblings and then i lost my Lamboner
  5. They immediately charged me something like 5% of my bids when I used it. Maybe because I came out swinging hard for a car. "https://bringatrailer.com/faq/" All bids are verified by a credit card hold to ensure commitment of potential buyers. When a bid is placed, we place a hold on the credit card on file for 5% of the bid amount. When the auction closes, the hold is released for all bidders who didn’t win the vehicle.
  6. I spent nearly 10k on bid "deposits" in the course of a weekend. To bid they need a legit deposit to weed out people, but the peanut gallery always has something to say, even for a bunch of tire kickers. Like other car auction sites for non-contemporary or special interest cars, people get emotional and irrational.
  7. I have a neighbor with a red Urus. For a long time I thought it was an Audi. Until it stops looking like an Audi with a bodykit, I am going to stay with the BMWs.
  8. Well considering how much are off the shelf Audi/Vag/Porka parts that are in it, I can understand the ease of that much volume. I see so many design notes from the siblings it makes me want to stick with the X6M
  9. As a p1800 owner, and also from Long Island, I can say in the honor of Irv Gordon, go eat a d***
  10. That's a nice touch. If Ferrari did it, they'd have massive logos, if Porsche did it there would be a 911 version that requires a $9k premium air package.
  11. Doing things for "exposure" is pretty stupid. You are totally right, when sales dip next time, they will show up and maybe the shady-as-fk dealers will pay for booth time. I'm not a doctor, but I think you'll live if you never see another exotic. I get more excited seeing a Z4M coupe, they made 2500 of those for the world, never see them.
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