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  1. TestShoot

    So Cal Drives

    some of us have done the hungarian spot for sausages, i believe the town is called little rock. hell, last time i was out there was with chwee, tommy, josh (Prowler!) and chrisg. gotta be like 10 years ago, Rose Bowl out to there.
  2. TestShoot

    So Cal Drives

    GMR, AC, Ortega, Santiago, all are very well known. My surprise drive was the Temecula hwy to Palm Springs run. 15>79>371>74>Rancho Mirage. It can carry some serious speed, not very technical until the decent in to PS where it is pretty twisty and if your brakes are hot, you're-gonna-have-a-bad-time along the "palms to pines hwy" section. The intersection of 371 and 74 is a little diner (with ferraris on their site) where the "local color" comes out and plays a keyboard while singing songs. He just showed up one day and never left. He works for tips and the place is dog friendly, so bring your wives! This is a drive popularized by JohnH aka "yellowenzo123" from Fchat while he was still alive. We did this road a few times, never failed to get the blood flowing. Nearly crapped my pants in his Enzo the first time out. I drove it once in my Z4 with the top down in late November. There was little snow/ice, but the car ran like a beast and the ONLY car that gave me trouble was a Lambo of Las Vegas trailer, but he pulled off. You can also go to Hemet > Palm Springs on the 74. https://goo.gl/maps/LUYb2bQ8HNw
  3. TestShoot

    Ferrari 328 GTS Widebody Build for SEMA 2018

    I'd hope so, from this pic, i'd imagine the oil pan has rug burns.
  4. TestShoot

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    your public awaits, any update?
  5. TestShoot

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    I loved the Z3M/Z4M. They were unique in a world of clones.
  6. TestShoot

    I’m back…

    has anybody seen him since he made this thread?
  7. TestShoot

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    The FF and Panamera are the dry handjob of automotive design. It started out with a great idea, but you hope you get it out of your system before it rubs you the wrong way.
  8. TestShoot

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    Yeah, I stick by the FF then. You seem to get it, and noting the Z M-coupes you had, you do get the long hood thing. I really miss my Z4. I feel the same way about the McLarens, boring, and they tend to need service. Go get it, have some fun, it is totally different, it is a good deal, and you know you are getting a car that has depreciated about as far as it will go for a while. Don't look back, go do it now. Also don't let money left over burn a hole in your pocket, something else may pop up you never thought would catch your eye and hop on it. AVOID that gross white one. The rockers, the wheels, it is so gross.
  9. TestShoot

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    Yeah, I honestly would think that first, but he was not really detailed in what he wants and going 4 door SUV from 2 seat supercar, that's a leap.
  10. TestShoot

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    I am just going to be devil's advocate here. You didn't clarify how often you'd drive it or what new problem you are trying to solve beyond my assumption you are just looking for a new experience. Up to me? I'd get the FF, I mean I am gonna crap all over it right now, but on that list, I'd choose it. FF/Lusso thoughts: Sick of easy blind merges on narrow streets? My neighbor gets a look every morning like he is making peace with his god before merging on our canyon. Want a car you say you can take people in the back seat but nobody ever wants to get in a second time yet they make chiropractor jokes anyway? Want a car that has cargo space that you can say you have and use a few times to prove a point because you can but will never want dirty kids to soccer practice or dogs on the way to the groomer? Like constantly having to adjust your front seat because you have to let people out of the car from that back row? Like finally hearing the sound of a V12 after 5k in exhaust upgrades? Want a car that actually doesn't look all that cool but is just sort of weird and prompts strangers' questions with disappointed facial expressions when you say "4 seater, AWD, hatchback, Ferrari"? I mean in an audio-specific list, the 458 and the Aventador sound glorious. You also know exactly what you are getting, what you wrote pretty much nails them. The 458 screams for you to also get a Ferrari cap, shirt, shoes, keychain lanyard, maybe the shorts too.
  11. TestShoot

    -- Lambo Power is Looking for Content Creators ! --

    include a selfie with an 80's porn-stache and I'll read it
  12. TestShoot

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    can we use this as the like icon?
  13. TestShoot

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    looks like links blended in to the background color for a bit, but it was hit or miss. >>>> link test <<<<<< but it is looking ok now?
  14. TestShoot

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    My list: lawyers (when you get that kinda money, everyone sues you) financial adviser Urus as my daily SVJ as weekender army of trained squirrels pay off mom's farm a murder air force of trained crows sponsor some underfunded schools build a museum of terrible replicas but drive around acting like they are real private jet i'll never use buy dad a nice spot on the beach in corona del mar buy another boat the family will never use that we will donate, again start a non-profit (literally) "Hublots for the homeless" pay off homes for siblings veterinarian specializing in ptsd for squirrels and ducks, maybe this one misc vendettas with the dry cleaner, taco bell drive through dude, the guy that always tells me to park in the tightest spot when there are open spots elsewhere Order bricks via Amazon Prime and make the dude carry them up the hillside 4 flights of stairs from the street to my front door. Hillside living FTW! a party that will make dan bilzerian and gary busey stage an intervention Honestly, I have few things I'd really want for me, maybe go racing, get a few cars, nothing insane. fix lambopower keep you guys laughing
  15. TestShoot

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    Yeah, it's probably better if I don't. :p In my head right now as I fantasize: Argue over my gardners' leaf blowers and my lights over the fountains one more time, Gary, and you'll regret it! 3 days later as Gary looks out his window across the canyon: "Hey Martha, does it look like he's building a trebuchet pointed at us?"