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  1. one of the dozen or so Huracan variants that Lambo loves to do for their baby lambos.
  2. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nasa-hacked-raspberry-pi-cyber-security,39690.html NASA hacked by pi lol
  3. I am playing with Retropie (arcade emulator) and PiHole (ad blocking) and was curious if any of you have played around with these little one board computers. I am thinking of doing a Mastodon social media server, maybe a Carputer as well. I am also doing a lot with NFC, so when people come to visit, instead of explaining my password, they touch their phone to a sticker, and automatically sign in to my guest wifi.
  4. The cinematography was fantastic, and the end of each episode was haunting, especially the sound of the Geiger counter clicking with the three divers as the screen fades to black.
  5. Third in the series of shoot 'em ups, JW 3 is John on the run. All the films are a continuous story, there is no time off between films, this one is no different. So from his wife croaking to this film is pretty quick, which is a WTF moment later. Cliffs: -Are we in NY or Blade Runner's rainy-LA? -Horses kick! -Eyeballs pop! -Wick-boy assembles a pistol, Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez style. -NY Triad seeks new recruits: Due to recent cutlery incident, we need new members. -Well, for some reason, dogs hold some special place in the hearts of the film makers. -Halley Berry and her dogs are in Morocco for some useless reason. -Casa Blanca: population 928374918234^3 -Pay top dollar for your dog trainer, you get what you pay for. -Chopper, sick balls! -Casa Blanca, population: Halley Berry and two dogs -Taylor from Billions makes an appearance at a sushi bar and gets the chef to turn take "chopped" on the road -Taylor to everyone: "you got 7 days to clean out your desk" -John-boy goes for a desert stroll in a kevlar, black suit. -Forget your wife, I mean she's been dead for like a week, that's an eternity -Know what will cheer you up? Killing your BFF -Always keep your woodworking tools sharp. -Homeless problem reduced through Taylor's outreach program -John goes back to NY and fights Brooklyn ninjas before checking in to the hotel without a reservation -The bad guys travel in luxury buses with big logos on them. -Nobody gets what they want, prepare for an all-dog cast of John Wick 4
  6. TurboBricks ftw
  7. S is for sexy, V is for violent, J is for jesusfuckingchrist!
  8. but... but... but... the TrackHawk has 700hp!
  9. That's exactly what everyone expected, the Urus to lead the charge. It's a "bull" market for Lambos lol
  10. Gas 'em up, I'll be by in the morning with a Haliburton briefcase of Colombia's finest as collateral Lambo v Ferrari has been done by that trio before, as well as countless others. Walter Wolf is interesting in that Ferrari just shoveled cars out the door and Lambo took the collaboration. How and why that car became the norm is the missing link I would like to know more about. Of course this is a comprehensive...
  11. Walter Wolf is part of the story. They made it a head-to-head versus a little bit of history on either car. The mythology of the wing and the Cannonball Run car really needed to be said in better detail. The damned cars were the center of the top speed wars, so I feel like we got more "Motor Week" than "Grand Tour". There was so much more meat on that bone. Sexy wings that slow you down are stupid (even on the beloved Pantera), like fake air vents, wings on rice, and the proliferation of rear "diffusers" that are more like drag chutes than an aero device. The sound of the Lambo however, was amazing.
  12. I was waiting for your reply Wished they actually talked about the history of the stupid wing.
  13. I am enjoying it for the most part. I think it is easier to read and it feels like it is not an out of the box template.
  14. TestShoot


    Yeah, it was strange to see on a wet road, but there is no mistaking that car
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