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  1. Have you put an SVJ on scales to verify that number? I have a very hard time believing it weighs 3500 pounds.
  2. Best sounding LP640 exhaust, hands down, imo. Congrats and Jason is an awesome guy!
  3. From a 60 MPH roll in 1320 feet? Don't remember the starting rules at TX2K19...
  4. Thanks for the hard work guys, glad we're up and running for the time being.
  5. Joe... Reach out to Joey, he just picked up a LP640 in MB. Ask him to take it a ride and see if you like it. That way you know for sure you’re making the right move.
  6. Something doesn't smell right. I would also suggest you reach out to Lambo themselves and verify this is true. There is definitely a possibility that this car was repaired or painted after it left the factory. I've seen it before, even with million dollar hypercars, without the client even having the slightest clue of what actually went on.
  7. It also means track in Italian.
  8. I did it on my 30k+ mile LP560, strictly as preventative maintenance. You could clearly tell the fluid was deteriorated. It did require a Lambo computer to bleed the system. For the cost and time involved, well worth the insurance imo. Better than replacing an actuator or pump down the line.
  9. Congrats, Derek. Super cool seeing it all come together over these past four years.
  10. Mind sharing the reasoning behind it? First time I'm hearing about it. So far XRP has been treating me well, I also got into ADA.
  11. Be careful with that, we did the same thing with a buddy of mine and I couldn't send him the coins. BitStamp.net requires an "external withdrawal".
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