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  1. Wow, it is gorgeous. I love the seats in there. The stock seats SUCK.
  2. The ZR1 doesn't have 6th as an overdrive, so I would expect it to pull much faster than the Plastic mess-06 at that distance. I am not sure why it is a bad thing to be nearly as fast as the SLR? ZR1 - $100K, SLR $500K.
  3. The video is here: http://videos.streetfire.net/video/ZR1-Nur...cial_170754.htm
  4. I find it interesting how they always call the Plastic mess-06 rough and harsh.. yet in this article they all but call it a GT car???? Looks like the "non-ringer" GTR's are not near as fast.. but they are still plenty fast and a great deal. I am looking forward to seeing what the ZR1 can do. Hopefully it can take the viper down.
  5. Congrats! You will love it. Fantastic car.
  6. The R8 with a 580HP TT V10 will be simply awesome. I personally would be a little annoyed if a station wagon had more HP than the top of the line R8.
  7. Looks pretty nice to me. I am not crazy about the rear.
  8. It is pricey, but not out of line for what high-end interiors go for in Porsches. I doubt you would see much return though if you ever sold it.
  9. I think it looks fantastic. The performance should be incredible. The weight is a let down. I thought they were aiming for 2900 lbs.
  10. Mid engine is awesome, but I doubt it will happend and honestly having 25 cu ft of luggage space is a nice thing in a daily driver..
  11. Well it might be nice to gain 70HP, I just read the preview on the G37 and they compared it with the 335i on the track. Even stock, the 335i overheated.
  12. 512TR hands down. That is probably the sexiest Ferrari of all time. They ruined it with the F512M. The 512TR has been a dream of mine for a long long time. I got a ride in one on the racetrack, and I hate to say it, but it was a big let down. I thought it would feel much more powerful than it did. I am willing to give it a second try though..
  13. I think they should make the next NSX a mid-engine supercar like the first car was 15 years ago. Unfortunately, I think the Audi R8 is as close as we will ever get to the true NSX successor.
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