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  1. Well would if the stupid ECU did not fail.. So will be a while longer as we get that and a few other things sorted.
  2. Well Saturday We Bring the Twice Baked Bull to LIFE! Time to start her and test drive her,, Will post on the Facebook page and youtube
  3. Going well have you seen the Instagram page? Need Urraco Door parts. The window rails for the wing window to main door window both sides. Eurospairs has none.
  4. Just got back from Ted's Rod Shop took a few more photos. The plan is to restore the rear trunk lid. Reproduce the original louvers in Lexan The drawing is of the new tail end was up a few posts ago. Need to find a set of original side gills to aid in the reproduction. Of anyone has a set we can borrow for a few days it would be most welcome.
  5. Lost everything... poof gone. But re group and move forward.
  6. Life got in the way... Have Been posting photos on Instagram. Suffice it to say we had to back out of Monterrey a few months ago. Eric was not able to have it done in time.
  7. Loads of new photos on instagram https://www.instagram.com/lp420svm/ BIG NEWS!!! Gloss-it has stepped up to the plate as PAINT and BODY sponsor! http://www.gloss-it.net/index2.html https://www.facebook.com/GlossIt
  8. LOL.. good one! No one has also mentioned the car is now LP 420 SVM Urraco.. Why is that funny? LP for the way the motor is set in place no big deal 420 for the displacement 4.2L or is it 420, the car is going to be green.. LOL SVM not so funny.. Will be doing the Silver State Open road race May 2016 in the 150 mile per hour class top speed in that class is only 165 mph. B ut a Urraco top speed per factory is 149 mph doing an average of 150 mph over 90 miles from a standing start will set the LP420 SVM as the fastest Urraco ever earning the SVM
  9. Drum roll please... Wait for it.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Dear Mr. Spindle, I’m pleased to inform you that your 1973 Lamborghini Urraco has been accepted to be on display at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering on Friday, August 19, 2016! At this time we will be distributing additional information as the event nears; including load-in schedules, access maps, and important ticket information. Below is the information that will be printed on your entrant plaque and the bio of your vehicle that will be included in The Quail Magazine
  10. Sent in an application for a show next year.. When I got the email asking if I wanted to apply, first call / question I asked, was, will we really make it? Before I even thought to respond to the email. I was assured by Eric to go ahead and apply for the show entry that I have nothing to worry about them getting the car done in time for the show. Will not say what show until we hear back because if its no, not going to let the wind out of our sails. BUt if the answer is yes we will debut the car at this show for sure. Fingers crossed. Will know if we got in in a few weeks
  11. Thank you for the kind words, Rims are made one off custom by OMF Performance Products in Corona California. They will be finished to look like cast alloy rims of the original Compangolno rims. Headers are equal length "bundle of snakes crossover headers" We have tones of photos off the build and headers I will post some. Danny Huseman did the headers and intake he is an automotive engineer by training and a race team car fabricator by trade. His design and welding are works of art. Interior was all burned up it needed to be all redone. BUT we decided to bring
  12. Update; Loads of new photos on https://instagram.com/lp420svm/ Eric and his team pulled the plug on making SEMA they just want it perfect. However, they are still jamming along at quite a pace I must say. Floors are in! Rims are 90% done Basic alignment done Shifter cable in Air con evap unit in Zada-Tech dash in Steering done Radiator in Frame all redone! Seat mounts in! Harness belt placement done Brake lines done Bumpers made Left to do... Seal in cockpit and belly pan Firewalls Final motor install (takes like 15 minutes) Driv
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