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  1. They should have kept the SV for the end off line model . What are they going to do the next 6 years , 20 special editions ? The Miura SV was the last and an evolution from the first Miura . Same with the Murci SV . I think the Avenatdor SV will lose its "special" , ones there are a few limited edition versions .
  2. It has a flux capacitor in the back . Would it do 88 mph on electric 😊😊
  3. Looks more like a V8 model . As a rear passenger i would want to look outside .
  4. This is the new Audi TT virtual cockpit . Maybe the Huracan has the same thing . http://ces.cnet.com/2300-35289_1-10019341-1.html
  5. http://www.bellewaerdepark.be/nl/attracties/thrills/huracan
  6. Hmm , black with red interior and vin 666 :-)
  7. The green one is a custom made one , nothing original
  8. I have been thinking some more about it and maybe it wouldn't look that good . So i have been looking at the SSR SP1 in 17" . Don't know what color finish looks best on a blue Jalpa yet . This is just an example . I will try to find the wheel in somewhat the same perspective .
  9. How would concave wheels look on the Jalpa , or is that type of wheels to modern ? If someone could photoshop them ( dousnt really matter wich wheels ) just to see how it looks . Thanks .
  10. If you have small pieces off carpet , like in a Jalpa , could you put them in a wasting machine ? Or dous that affect the carpets ?
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