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  1. It seems Lamborghini can't get enough of 'special edition' versions of their Urus, after the Pearl Capsule, now it's time for a Graphite Capsule Presented in matt Nero Noctis with Verde Scandal trim But it's also available with Arancio Leonis trim ... so I made that one virtually: Then again, you can also go for matt Bianco Monocerus with Giallo Taurus: Or a matt Grigio Keres with Arancio Dryope: Personally not really a fan of the Bianco Monocerus with 'all-white' finish, that white needs to be contrasted with clear carbon fiber for instance ... but that's just me probably.
  2. The black and white duo look amazing
  3. So it's official, he's leaving. Any idea on who will replace him?
  4. I was thinking the same thing ... add a Miura SV to those three and you're in Lamborghini V12 heaven for sure
  5. It does come with special 'drifting' tires, and makes engine sound
  6. It just looks too nice to be a test mule for something. I also noticed the black tape on the side, hiding something, also there's a cover next to it on the right side ... did someone not fit it right and the wind caught it from the left, just too late to avoid Jasper taking these photos? I don't think it's another SVJ evolution or a GT version ... it's too timid for that, the little black rear wing looks great, but for an SVJ v2 or GT ... those would need massive wings, something like SCV12 style. Could be a bespoke build for a customer, you never know ... exposed engine might not be the best idea in some climates I guess, and this car looks completely finished. I'm hoping for an Aventador Si, an evolution of the S adding hybrid power, about 30hp or so getting up to 800hp in total ... Aventador S Ibrido as a swansong?
  7. Looks mean in black: Some other shades how about a full body Tricolore livery
  8. LamboCARS

    photo shoot

    I really love the look of this Diablo, pearl metallic white GT ... stunning ... just noticed Strandman's Aventador in the background
  9. Finished the work on the interior view of the configurator ... time to start playing around with the seats, dashboard, console, steering wheel, stitching, piping, cross stitching ... all of it : http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_dib51aiaa01d61uduuu61kd61ddk6161k1anakmuh61du6149a.html Now working on the seats view, and showing the interior choices on the external views ... still some work to do.
  10. First quick work on the interior ... fine tuning tomorrow to go live over the weekend with the seats view too
  11. I just hope they don't get offended by me playing around with this ... you never know
  12. Verde Scandal ... nice choice ... I bet you'll like the next angle I will add: Now working on two interior views ...
  13. Well ... that solves a lot of parking issues ...
  14. Sorry ... and I'm still working on adding more ... better plan some vacation time
  15. First draft of the LamboCONFIG for the Sian Roadster is now online ... Have fun ... http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_dfb51aiaa01q61dqddd61qq61aqk616161aqakqah61ka6149a.html Interior is up next in the coming days ...
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