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  1. I love the Bianco Canopus from the factory, so I really like this wrap ... looks great
  2. from the spy shots it seems there isn't much difference at the rear, I see different exhaust pipes and the air vent move toward the wheel arch ... but that's about it.
  3. Made some renders for this new Urus model, not sure it's the facelift, my guess is a more powerful version ... could be the hybrid finally? New front with horizontal bars and air intake under the headlights At the rear it seems the air vent is moved, and the test mule has different exhaust pipes. A hybrid might not need the air intakes under the headlights ... I sure wouldn't mind an Urus Performante with clear carbon fiber hood, roof, mirrors and lower trim ... also carbon fiber bars for the front intake.
  4. Something like Meguiar's Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer will work I think, but it might become too shiny. Same happens with product to put on the sidewall of tires ... some make them just glossy black, way too much shine.
  5. That does look mean ... I put together a small sample for an interior: http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_hfb4747ea01j47lalll47ll47all474747alajlla47jl4747a.html I think it looks great ...
  6. thank you, makes sense about the weight reduction.
  7. A quick question, back when the Gallardo Superleggera was available you could get two different rear wing styles, the 'high wing' (as seen on the orange one below), and a 'low wing' (as seen on the grey one): Now I checked several photos of the Gallardo Superleggera with the low wing option ... it always seem to be 'up', so is it a fixed wing too, like the high wing? The standard wing on the Gallardo was adjustable right? Just want to make sure.
  8. That first customer Xago was delivered this week in Switzerland ... looks amazing
  9. LamboCARS


    Would look sick in Aventador J red metallic ... but it's a one-off, bespoke build, so it is going to be white with some blue details
  10. LamboCARS


    Made a quick image for it:
  11. LamboCARS


    Looks absolutely amazing ... the next generation J
  12. That combination always works. I did hear an STO Spyder is not going to happen ... bummer.
  13. I would have to agree, I just don't like the triangular bumper styling on the SC ... a white STS with black roof, or a white Gallardo Performante would be at the top of my Gallardo wish list.
  14. I agree it will be a delicate balance between power, weight, and cost. Back in 2014 we got to see a first concept with the Asterion, adding 300hp into the mix with three electric motors and batteries ... but that also added 250 kg in weight ... I don't know how much evolution has been made over the last 6 years, but even if they managed to reduce the weight addition by 50%, you're still looking at 125 kg extra. I guess using two electric motors for the front axle, and using the V12 to power the rear only, could reduce the additional weight, probably between 75kg and 100kg I guess ...
  15. On a different note ... I made a Huracan STO Spyder ... which will probably never exist in real life, but I'm a convertible guy, so I would buy it.
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