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  1. On a different note ... I made a Huracan STO Spyder ... which will probably never exist in real life, but I'm a convertible guy, so I would buy it.
  2. Thank you for the kind response. Just finished uploading the option for the STO decals on the doors: Link to this config: http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_hfb2041xa02d20iaiii20ji41adi413941xixjdda20ji2020a.html
  3. Sounds interesting, can't wait to see the spy-shots ...
  4. Hek wheels in Bronze ... and Bridgestone Potenza tire livery now available too:
  5. Just added wheels and brake calipers to the configurator:
  6. LamboCARS

    Huracán STO

    Love the white on the Sian, simple, but effective!
  7. LamboCARS

    Huracán STO

    Personally I feel the Huracán STO needs the black roof and a bright color ... not a fan of the silver wheels either, but that's just me.
  8. Happy to be of assistance ... I hope you had fun. But wait, there is more ... finalizing the wheels and calipers options right now: And a second angle on the interior is done:
  9. Just to let you know I've added the first draft of my configurator for the Huracan STO online This config :http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_hfb58aaaa01a08aaaaa58aa76aaa760876aaaaaaa58aa5858a.html At the moment front, side, and rear view only. Interior will be added over the weekend, as will the different wheel options and brake caliper shades ... but I think you can have a lot of fun with the options already added for now...
  10. LamboCARS

    Huracán STO

    Now this spec would look great next to a Gallardo STS ... (Yes, I know the STO doesn't have Pirelli tires, but I like the livery better than Bridgestone, sorry)
  11. LamboCARS

    Huracán STO

    I'll take it as a Spyder please ... The 'snorkel' fits in-between the two buttress behind the headrests ... as on the Veneno Roadster.
  12. LamboCARS

    Huracán STO

    Verde Scandal, but now with carbon fiber bumper, sides, and wing ... I like carbon fiber over Forged Composite to be honest
  13. LamboCARS

    Huracán STO

    I rather like it, looks intimidating ... just couldn't resist: Can't wait to get decent, high res press photos to play around with.
  14. Online now, still some details to complete, but mostly done: http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_gfsbbpaba23d27abacb27aa27aaaaa27aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.html An early gen Gallardo 5.0, but with LP560 bumpers and taillights, SV style rear wing, Huracan Giano 20" wheels, LP570 Superleggera style side decals ... and some drastic lowering (and you can go even lower on the configurator ... air-ride style)
  15. Almost done ... one of the more crazy things possible, a Superleggera Spyder:
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