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  1. LamboCARS


    A rather strange model for Lamborghini to come up with ... Turned it into Verde Mantis for fun Or how about Giallo Inti ? I did a special render of a Huracan Safari back in September 2017 ... does look similar no?
  2. Awesome, thank you so much, I just looked up that hotel, it's sold out ... so many, many thanks for holding a room for me, I also looked at hotels yesterday ... they don't come cheap in Monterey during those days ... wow !
  3. you might have noticed I didn't respond a lot in this thread ... that is just because I couldn't find the words to explain how I feel about all of you helping out a complete stranger in real life, as far as I know, I have never met any of you face to face, and still you go out of your way to help me achieve a dream ... thank you doesn't even come close to what I want to say to all of you, and I mean all of you, from the smallest amount right up to the incredible amount in donations made. I don't really like to talk about our family health issues in public, but if someone is interested I am more than happy to talk about that in a PM ... but I can wholeheartedly say you all made my life brighter and I really hope to meet you all in real life next August. I'm a big boy (literally, I'm 2m05 tall) ... but your gesture actually brought tears to my eyes. Thank you all for caring ... thank you !
  4. You are the best, I can't express how I feel about all of you helping out ... this is something that never happens to me, and you are trying to make it possible ... I have no words, thank you don't even cover it ... Life sometimes isn't fair, my wife's doctor told me the diagnosis for her a few weeks ago ... we don't have the heart to tell her, a few months ago she stated she didn't want to know about the details anymore, so the specialist at the hospital now only talks to me about it ... sorry, had to mention it somewhere ... So you can imagine all of you trying to help me brightens up my life tremendously, there are still people out there that help others ... I can't even begin to say how much I appreciate this.
  5. Even if they show the EVO Spyder in Geneva, or the SVJ Roadster ... what's new about that, we all know how these two will look, there is no surprise anymore, just 'official' then ... I really hope they show the LB48H or some concept, I would be rather disappointed otherwise to be honest.
  6. With the new Huracan EVO out, I guess it won't be long before we get to see the Spyder version of it: At this moment the Huracan EVO has the same power output as the Huracan Performante ... so it's time to do a Performante EVO: Naturally a Huracan Performante EVO Spyder should be revealed soon after that: And while we're at it ... why not a Huracan Super Trofeo Stradale or Omologato: Keep in mind all of these are just renders, made from my imagination, none show an actual, existing car ... at this time.
  7. I'm sure the next step in the Urus line up will be a Hybrid powered version, most likely adding some more power to the current model. I made a render on how it could look ... I sure wouldn't mind this one on my driveway:
  8. Those sport seats would look amazing inside the Huracan Performante EVO I put together ... only a virtual render for now ... Why not a glossy carbon fiber roof and engine cover ... personally I like CF better than the Forged Composite to be honest ... and bronze wheels are a must now ... lol
  9. Had some fun in PhotoShop with the new Huracan EVO ... turned it into a Spyder version: Arancio Borealis: And Giallo Into:
  10. That bleu on the interior really looks amazing, I really like it
  11. I can't help but ask myself where this idea came from. Lamborghini is a hobby of mine, I only own books and scale cars ... and I can't even afford the more expensive MR ones I would love to add, and I surely have no way of affording a real Lamborghini any time soon. I created lambocars.com as a hobby many years ago, to share my passion for these cars, I put together the configurator because I made all those different looks in PhotoShop and imagined it would be fun for people to be able to do that online, so I programmed my own configurator ... I created every single graphics item myself and wrote every line of code myself ... no employees, and surely no profit website ... in fact, I had to upgrade my shared hosting to a VPS two years ago because I was stressing the server ... the difference in costs between shared hosting and VPS is massive for me, sorry.
  12. thank you, took me a while to get it right, but it works nicely now. That will take some work, as the 'livery' is also coupled to that ... front bumper lower section, side sills and rear bumper are all linked together as seen on the SVJ63 ... but it can be done, sure. How urgent do you need that online? Or would you like me to do a custom render for you? In that case, PM me the specs and I will put it together for you, offline.
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