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  1. Belgium has been put on lock-down as of noon today ... they don't call it a lock down, but it effectively is. All shops are closed, except groceries, pharmacies and pet-food shops ... gas stations also remain open, but everything else closes down. Only one person per 10m² is allowed in the groceries shops and for up to 30 minutes only. No visiting relatives, not even when they are sick, it's not allowed. People aren't even allowed to visit their husband or wife in hospital fighting the Corona virus, even if it's lethal ... no way to say goodbye anymore. Toilet paper, sanitizing gels and pain medication is sold out just about everywhere, massive lines in front of the groceries stores, and they all have security guards posted outside ... my local pharmacy installed a glass plane to stay behind and they don't take any cash ... only payment by card. Things have been played down for weeks over here, but over the last few days it's obvious this is going to create massive economical impact.
  2. Rear wing looks good, roof air intake is a nice touch. Any shots of the front, is the bumper a lot different from the EVO one?
  3. If the V12 will no longer be used in the Aventador successor it is time to get hold of an SVJ ... that will be the last V12 Lamborghini ever then, so it will become valuable in the future ... just drive it a while and then put her into hybernation for a decade or so ... I need to have a talk with my bank manager ... lol
  4. I guess I'll be saving money by not having to travel to Geneva and stay in a hotel for two nights then ... too bad, I really enjoyed GIMS every year I was able to attend.
  5. I actually really like something like this ... a gradient paintjob: would be nice to add to the configurator ... or is it too much?
  6. Just added ... full carbon fiber body to the configurator : http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_cfballiac05k76gkggg76gk76akg767676agakgab76ka7676a.html
  7. They are now building a Ferrari GT3 widebody for street use ... and use parts from that one to repair their own white Ferrari Spyder ... they are keeping busy ...
  8. This one shows different wheels ... any info on that? Are there different wheel options available ?
  9. Finished with the interior too ... uploaded nearly 2000 individual files that make up one virtual render: This config is located here : http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_cfballdec05k05nknnn05nk5881k050558anannae58na0558a.html
  10. Thank you. The €500k option was what I heard in Frankfurt ... wasn't the full carbon fiber body option on the Centenario €300k ?
  11. First draft of the configurator is online now ... interior will be added soon, for now have fun with the exterior http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_cfballfbc06l27ol0oo27lo271aa492749aoalaab27aa4927a.html http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_csballjaa02l72ol0oo72lo7471a747274aoalaaa72aa7474a.html http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_crballjdb12l02ol0oo02lo02471020202aoalaaa41aa0202a.html Next up ... carbon fiber body ... it's only a €500k option anyway ...
  12. Just wanted to let you know ... configurator is almost done 75 exterior shades in the making ...
  13. I heard the Sián will get a plaque stating '1 di 63' and won't be individually numbered ... but you never know, they change things when they want to. Check the VIP evening videos, there is a tricolore on both sides of the car, while the next day at the press conference they have 'Sián FKP 37' on the driver's side ... changed overnight ...
  14. Just made a rear render of the Lamborghini Sian Roadster ... New side view: Went with Azzuro Thetis this time on silver wheels ...
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