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  1. Most of my cars have never had ABS. In fact, the only car I've owned to date that does is my 997. I've never been big on ABS. I haven't looked into shifters just yet but the throw is definitely uh, pretty long. Oddly though it's pretty damn crisp, and the linkage feels great. For such an older car with the miles it has, it shifts and drives fantastic. Just really needs a tuneup. Paint correction will be on my list as well. It appears the previous owner, or a previous owner attempted to wet sand some spots for an unknown reason and never finished cutting and buffing the clear. A bit annoying but nothing I can't fix. I'm looking forward to getting it back into beautiful, happy, mechanically fit shape.
  2. Thanks guys, this car is a fcuking blast. Zero complaints. It needs a little love on a few things that have been neglected on maintenance but parts are already arriving today and this weekend she'll get a full tuneup, full sensor replacement on the car, and will be good as new. Already bled the coolant system and have made sure everything else is working. I took it for a spirited drive the other night at some twisties and it handles great. Given just how easy it is to break traction with some happy throttle movements, I understand why they have such a reputation. Loving it!
  3. Ever since I was a little kid, I remember playing Viper Racing, and had a soft spot for vipers. I had an incredible opportunity that came up that I could not say no to. Now I own another car I always wanted. A first gen, 1995 RT/10. It needs some love and a few things here and there, but god dammit is it fun to drive.
  4. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. None of those are the relays you're looking for. The relays for the headlights are next to the headlight motors themselves, from my experience, tucked under them. One per side. At least mine were never located in the relay box (odd as that may sound).
  5. Ok last update for the night. My girlfriend took some photos of the gauges for me, I photoshopped them to make them work with tunerstudio. I then loaded them onto a stock tunerstudio gauge, arranged them till they lined up with the values. Made all the digital crap transparent and left the needle. What I'm left with is.... *drum roll* Now... I still obviously need to line them up a bit more, but my brain is fried from working on these all day, on top of another 3d printing project I'm doing for someone. Then tomorrow is work, so. That's enough for one night.
  6. 3d printed the pods, mounted them to the rings, printed threads inside them so they mount up just like the OEM gauge. I need to re-align them because i had to wipe my whole installation since the latest tunerstudio version for linux was fucked. I rolled back, now i gotta re-arrange shit again but here you go.
  7. My home town did an article on my project https://pamplinmedia.com/ceo/162-news/448617-365267-making-the-list-of-top-100-rides
  8. Thanks guys, I'll keep posting progress as I make more. I'm going to try and repair the runners this week sometime. I have a few 3d printing projects I took on as contract work I need to get done and work has been crazy to boot, so I'm trying to make time.
  9. That's enough for one night, i'm pooped. It's looking promising though.
  10. Need to realign the gauge to the screen since i had to move it up ever so slightly in the ring to make it stay. Once that's done, it'll be a done deal
  11. They were good but I got a new printer since then with a bigger build area. I've upgraded it for carbon fiber, so I am reprinting them in carbon fiber. Update: Cause it's been a fuckin' while. I've been busy. The jalpa was up and about happily during the summer but I ended up having an issue with the clutch that was self inflicted. There is a small plate, which has a spring behind it. I'm uncertain what it's for. Anyway, during my time of being in a huge spurt of "I AM SO EXCITED TO DRIVE IT!" I forgot to put the 3 locking nuts on the guide tube for the throwout bearing. Over time... it got pushed out by this plate. In the end, it became a metal lathe for the inner ring on the clutch plate. No damage done to anything major, it was ugly, but it eventually stopped engaging. It caused an engine out. I've since fixed that. "While i was down there", did an inspection and found that my machinist had tightened ALL of the runners way too far, and 3/6 are cracked on the edges near the bolts. He is now in arizona and dissolved his business, so there's nothing I can do about it. I have some aluminum solder sticks and I'm going to attempt to repair them. If I can't, well, I know a guy who fixed my heads who can weld them up. They do not appear to be letting up past the o-rings, so no potential damage to anything pulling too much air on one cylinder (I caught it early). As well, I've been working on some rad shit. I've had no luck on getting the gauges properly repaired, and everyone i've spoken to who touches jaeger gauges only touch the british jaeger gauges, not the italian gauges. But that's ok. I came up with an idea some time ago. There's a group out there dedicated to making tunerstudio dashboards. Most of these guys make full on dashboards intended for race cars. But I thought, "Well, a dashboard is nothing more than full screen mode of the "dash" you made, what if I replicate the gauges, put them on some lcds?" I searched high and low for them and eventually found that indeed, some companies make these, some for watches, some for home systems. I bought a set of them and made some. Now, mind you, this is not the fully finished version, I'm still working on it, but they work! Best part, I can have it be a mixture of my tacho, my speedo, my afr, and anything I want from my standalone ecu. Currently working on prototyping out a mount for it that'll work to mount it to the dash and insert them into the stock pods so it fits like a stock gauge would. Here's a vid of it working from my fb. Printing out a test mount for it, pretty stoked.
  12. No affiliation. But one of my friends pointed me to BaT and apparently my old 914 that I sold to make room for the jalpa is now on there. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-porsche-914-16/ Not gonna lie.... it's mad tempting to bid on it and buy it back. I MISS that car, dearly.
  13. Jalpa is good. Was driving it all over last summer, but ended up running into a self inflicted clutch issue. Ended up doing a full engine out to fix it. It's fixed now, and I haven't had time to slap it all back together. I need to pull the intake runners off and do some repairs on those. Appears my machinist tightened them down way too much, and 3 of them cracked where he overtightened them. It isn't affecting vacuum or performance, but I don't want to wait for it to because that could mean melted pistons. So I'll pull them off and weld them up and slap them back on. It'll be back on the road probably mid december. It's got a pretty solid street tune at this point, I really need to take it in on the dyno and smooth out the last bits I have on it. But it's now pretty solid, I love it. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.
  14. still got the ducati. just going with my jalpa, the 997, ducky, and my trackday project that i've had forever. the rest are sold or in the process of being sold. work just doesn't allow me the time to work on stuff as much as i used to, so i'm reducing the number of cars i need to work on. So far i'm loving the C4S. I'm usually a RWD type of guy, but with us having snow here in the winter, i figured i'd go with the C4S and give it a try.
  15. So I decided to sell off most of my cars, kept the Jalpa and am keeping my little trackday fun project. Made some room and decided I'd upgrade and go to something more modern for my daily. I've been driving my little 931 for ages but in the winter time I get tired of the lack of creature comforts, and really, I missed having a 911. Like really really missed having a 911. So say hello to "Bast" (my girlfriend named her). My 2008 C4S. Sport crono, PSE, 6 speed.
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