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  1. Don't waste your disposable income on crap you don't need. Use it to invest (be that in the market, building a business, or otherwise). The time will come once you're doing well enough that you can do that, but if you're in a position where disposable income isn't hefty, don't piss it all away on stuff to /look/ like you're trying to get somewhere (don't go finance yourself to the teeth on stuff you don't need). Don't let people who haven't accomplished such a thing tell you what you need to do if they were in your shoes. Find a mentor, someone who has built great things, gotten somewhere, demonstrated they know what they're doing, and listen, take notes, learn. Don't join an MLM lol. Almost every person I've met on here who has done badass stuff has either been heavily into investing, or started a business, or sold an idea, or found a way to fill a need. Also for what it's worth I have massive social anxiety coupled with clinical depression and hindsight being 20/20, the attention a lamborghini brings in the wild is uh, always interesting. I've learned to deal with it in time, but it's still always a bit of an odd experience for me when people just walk up and start getting excited at the gas station. My spidey senses go, "Am I getting robbed? Oh, no they're just excited to see the car."
  2. I haven't been on here in quite some time, but I'm back. So a couple things: The jalpa headlight motors are basically fiat x1/9 motors. They're a bit odd the way they work but there's a few things to keep in mind here. On the 4 wires on each motor, you will have 1 relay per headlight, and you will have a diode per headlight. The diodes are in the fuse box, and the relays are near the motor. The headlight motor is kind of a bear to get out, you'll need to remove the headlight lamp, so that you can access the rods, and disconnect them, so that you can get to the bolts that hold it in (10mm). In the case of it not coming up, you could be dealing with a bad ground to the relay itself. However, it's also possible it could be a diode. You could narrow this down by swapping a good known diode from the other headlight motor to the diode in the fusebox for that motor and see if it changes, same with the relay.
  3. Move to an island. Have private race track put on island. Buy multiple lambos to race on track on island. Never worry about being around people again.
  4. So... had a buddy rip apart the turbo on my K26 today because I simply do not have the time with work lately. Exhaust manifold: Cracked in 4 places Turbo: Cooked alive and stopped spooling Result: Somehow has managed to basically melt the turbine wheel without grenading.
  5. Kerplop

    Recession coming?

    You're not the only one. I watched my neighborhood which had no houses built for about 6 blocks, just empty lots, since I bought my house after 2008. Then this year, suddenly 30 new houses in my neighborhood. Like watching weeds grow. My neighbors nextdoor rent the house, and are paying more than double what I pay for my house. The new houses are even more. The median household income here has not hardly budged, and makes very little sense. Construction jobs soaring through the roof, but once we hit that plateau, then what? Poof.
  6. Kerplop

    Recession coming?

    Yeah, it's tempting. It feels like a huge crunch is coming and it feels similar to the last time. I'm usually a bull but the market feels... weird to me. Then again I don't have the expertise of romandad and many others, i'm still learning (aren't we always?)
  7. Kerplop

    Recession coming?

    I was more talking shares, but it's good to see real estate/rental advice on here since that's something i've never dove into.
  8. Only in xxl last i checked. it'd basically be a dress on me lol. it's whatever i guess.
  9. Kerplop

    Recession coming?

    I might go ahead and wait for now and see if it pops up a hair more before I do that. There are some that I'm still down on but am not /too/ terribly concerned because they're high dividend paying stocks and they'll eventually make it all back. That said... I started in at 192 on my SPY and it hasn't done anything but go up up and up. Once that correction hits, you know it'll hop back. I'm really, really tempted. It'd be real nice to buy another lambo.
  10. hey so we got a new forum, these coming back too?
  11. Kerplop

    Recession coming?

    makes me wanna just liquidate most of the shares i've got, hold out, and enjoy the savings when it hits.
  12. Kerplop

    Recession coming?

    Housing here in central oregon is insane. property is insane. cost of living is insane. it feels like 2007 here in central oregon again.
  13. Valid point, makes more sense they'll hold onto it for serious investors and become another huge stock like google.
  14. I wonder if they'll split again. It's way up. Given their previous stock split history I feel more like it's a question of, "When will AAPL split again someday?"
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