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  1. Funny i bought a 70s pos as you lambo guys call them and mainly for the blower motor with the side draft carbs . It came with an alpine cassette deck 7136 equalizer amp and 4 alpine speakers. I googled the nos on the deck and almost straight to this thread. The same deck as the one in this pic. Seems to be mint as the car has 29000 miles. Are these things worth anything. Thanks
  2. I was thinking for the right price with all the mods it might be a good deal but still like diablos better so will continue my hunt for one. The car i was interested in is still 4 sale. Down to 90k cdn. Could be a great deal for someone stateside. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/calgary...gationFlag=true
  3. They do have a good reputation and they are few and far between up here in Canada. It was done a few years ago so will see how many miles have been put on it since and if we go ahead with the deal get a ppi done on it just make sure all is well. I know modded cars are usually driven hard as i have had a few and that's how i drive them. It's just hard to drive a high hp car slow.
  4. Thanks again for the replies. So having the tt setup really does not affect value that much. This is good to know. I am going to check it out later this week and will see how it goes.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I am thinking along those lines to as a lot of the money spent was i belive on regular maintenance brakes clutch windshield so money spent on making it a tt car would count for a bit extra on price. Any idea on what it would cost to tt a g. . I am just not real familiar with the gallardo
  6. Hi, Well i am looking at a 04 g with just over 82000 kms and its a gated car black and seems to be in nice shape. Its local 4 me and he says is has had around 130000 worth of work done to it. It's a tt car and from what the seller states it was done by underground. Also done pads and rotors,motor rebuilt and beefed up, new carbon clutch, and windshield. I am going to take a look at it this week but cant drive as we have record amounts of snow here. He stated 800 hp and can tune up to 950. It also has the carbon fiber package from the factory. I have pics but probably not a good idea to post pics of someone else's car. Any ideas of what this would be worth and any advice. Stock with the miles i am at around 100000 but with the mods not sure. Thanks
  7. Its almost a perfect life owning a vineyard isn't it. I spend a lot of time at my father in laws vineyard in Oregon and there is nothing better than sitting on the balcony overlooking the vines enjoying a glass. Be cool to get one of those Lamborghini vineyard tractors just for fun. Look forward to pics of the house build.
  8. Well there is this one in Canada. With the difference in the dollar it would come in under your budget and even free winter tires. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/calgary...gationFlag=true
  9. They took all your guns... Lol thats funny dont worry lots of us canucks are very heavily armed. Hand guns, semi autos are allowed you just have to have the right permits and they are easy to get. Hell last yeat i got my wife a nice smith and wesson for Christmas and one of my stocking stuffers was a bag of ammo for my 40 cal ruger.
  10. Sucks for sure, I will keep my eyes open and hopefully will find them and i like the pic of the dog in your avatar. If i put shades on my husky she would look just like that.
  11. Good to see you found another countash and a nice one too. I like the wrap and i belive the colors will work on it. I drive past zr every now and again so would be a good thing to see how it looks when it is done. Enjoy it
  12. Cool pics. The two just go together lambos amd hot modlels.
  13. So you found another countash, Congrats, Look forward to seeing a few pics. Kind of interesting i have never seen a countash on the street but last wed i was heading to the grey eagle car show and there was a black 88 countash stuck in traffic with me on Glenmore tr. I felt bad as lambos dont belong stuck in traffic. Any ways he made it to the show and got way more attention than any of the other cars. By the way the Diablo looks awsome just needs a wing.
  14. Definitely a good looking car. I have always liked the esprits and lotus in general. There is a sliver 2000 for sale in Calgary i keep thinking about. Enjoy
  15. I would bet the car has not been registered with the seller as in Alberta you can drive it with just a dealer plate. The next person to register it will be the one that gets stuck with the lien. The interior of the car is really nice and overall a nice car though we did not start it as it was to cold. We figured it was worth around 100k as is and the seller said he turned down a 95k offer.
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