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  1. Heading there in June. Looking forward to it.
  2. My good friend is going there to meet some of his fitness fans. Would of loved to join him to check it out.
  3. Main stream media at it again, trying to do brainwashing by showing pictures of a smaller crowd at Trumps inauguration, comparing it to Obama 2009. IF there was actually a less of an attendance, it's cause the conservatives were worried of all the protesters being stupid and had jobs to attend to. * edit * did not see that this photo was already posted.
  4. Cool, sure but it'd be difficult to live in a house like that. It simply does not feel "homey". Article about the developer himself and the house http://www.latimes.com/business/realestate...0118-story.html At least it comes with the cars
  5. Looks like you're getting a lot more snow that us up in Alberta
  6. Hoping for the best for your friend.
  7. Most likely not. It was easier to predict the SLS appreciation when we knew it was a modern day version of the 300SL, especially with the iconic doors on the SLS coupe and that they were going to discontinue production after the Black Series.
  8. How long it take you guys to build it? Let's see some pics
  9. Just about finished watching Black Mirror. Truly amazing and fascinating. Each episode is a brand new story, new characters, new director so you can basically just jump into watching any of them at any given point. Some episodes are better than others, but almost all of them are awesome. All the episodes revolve around tech horror, given if we had this sort of technology, what can go wrong and how it can ruin ones life. If you're looking for a mind fcuk, try this out.
  10. Looks nice, I like it. But not enough to not make me not want to purchase the first generation. Prefer these wheels the most.
  11. They could of sold it off. But guess they wanted to use it as a "scare" tactic... What a waste.
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