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  1. You should go with an aftermarket AC system. It will be much better than factor
  2. Unfortunately It won’t arrive until this winter!
  3. rhyno

    Ordered a 2022 Urus

    I went with 21" wheels and I will put winter tires on them. I will buy a set of 23 or 24" aftermarket wheels for summer use. I agree with you about the silver bits, I might wrap them orange or body color. I will wait and see once the truck arrives.
  4. rhyno

    Ordered a 2022 Urus

    I have not seen one in person yet in this color, I have seen two on social media. I asked for orange seatbelts, orange steering wheel and Blu Tinia exterior color and they said NO to all three requests! I have no idea why
  5. I'm still here. I check the site almost daily but their is no action. I made a post about my new Urus order and nobody replied lol
  6. rhyno

    Ordered a 2022 Urus

    I’m stoked to have ordered a 2022 Urus. This is my first Urus and I think they are great and perfect for me, we have one kid and want another! It was fun to go through all the options and pick and choose the perfect Urus for me. One thing I was bummed about is not being able to pick my custom color Blu Tinia, I designed it with Lambo Corporate and had it on my A-SV. I ended up going with Blu Cepheus and an orange interior. It should be ready this November or December! It should look good beside my green LM002
  7. VelocityAP, makes a full exhaust, downpipes and tune for the Urus!
  8. rhyno

    Urus facelift models

    My dealer told me we should have more info about the 2022 model in a few weeks
  9. Orange is actually coming to Kelowna, BC
  10. My friend is getting the orange one and it just went into production
  11. You are correct VCR! My friend had a very high spec SVJ Roadster and was offered a Xago. The Xago was cheaper than his SVJ-R spec and a limited edition so he decided to go the Xago route.
  12. Yes each Xago has its own color so all are different.
  13. VCR, I can tell you that the Xago is sold out. My friend got the last one and it will be coming to Western Canada!
  14. rhyno

    Huracán STO

    The Spyder looks sick! Imagine the intake sound beside your head. I would love to see this in BLU Glauco
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