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  1. Great review as always VCR! Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts in such a well executed manner. I feel like an uneducated Instagram poster after reading this lol
  2. I did not like it from the moment it came out, it is nothing like the LM002 that I love. I did get to drive one last month and holy shit is it awesome! It’s a 4 door practical Huracan. I loved the sounds it makes and it does everything that you expect it to do. After the test drive I wanted one, I slept on it and woke up and said not a chance! I don’t want to lose my shirt on ownership and I would be bored in a month with it. I hope Lambo jacks it up and makes a small pickup box on the back!
  3. I didn’t see any humour in your first post but it’s all good. I’m glad to see other Countach owners drive their cars, heck I don’t even like AllanLambo but he has to be my friend because he drives a Countach (that’s a joke Allan doesn’t have friends! Sorry I meant.....shit I’m bad at this). Enjoy your Countach and let’s see some new videos
  4. Hey bud, Glen from Lambo Club of Canada sent me your picture yesterday and I responded to him. Attached is a picture of my drivers side Jalpa headlight. You can see the three wires and the order they are attached.
  5. That’s me spinning my QV. If you want to pay for a new clutch then sure I will rev it up and dump it, gotta love keyboard warriors! I drive my cars harder then most FYI
  6. I’m very happy I kept my SV and decided not to go through with a SVJ-R
  7. I have an exhaust on my 670SV and have had a check engine light for my whole ownership and don’t think anybody can get rid of it. Murci’s are amazing cars but a real pain in the ass, lots of Maintance kind of like a supermodel. Enjoy your new ride!
  8. Do not get a Fabspeed exhaust for your Diablo. It fits like shit because it’s not made for the Diablo, it’s actually a Murcielago exhaust!
  9. That’s so crazy!
  10. Chad, I would be in for the rear diffuser and triangle side pieces. If we can get more people Interested then it would drop the price. I’m in!
  11. Looks awesome bud. You in AZ or Mexico?
  12. Awesome! Congrats. Tell us which one you like better and why?
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