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  1. Nothing tops the sound of a M-SV! It’s unreal
  2. The picture of the seats on the ground are the factory power seats that come in almost all 25th cars. They are very narrow in the hips and shoulders and very uncomfortable even though they have power adjustments. The second picture is of the optional sport seats. I have heard they only made about 50 sets so they are very rare and hard to find. I don’t remember if I weighted them or not but they are vastly lighter then the power seats. They only have a manual forward and back function (no tilting). They are not as comfortable as the banana QV seats because they have less padding but they are 10x more comfortable than the power 25th seats. I’m 5’7” and weight 165 pounds and the sport seats fit me very well, they hug my body in all the right spots. You could be 6’ and 200 pounds and you would still fit well in them. 12097 you can let the OP know what you thought of them as you did get to sit in them for a short amount of time.
  3. I think all the Countach owners have summed up the pros and cons of the two models and the Countach overall. I do own a 1988.5 QV and a 1989 25th. Both are FI. I have also owned another 25th in the past and put a combined 28,000km of driving on all three cars. Every Countach is different than the next. My current 25th is the worst of the three to drive and it’s practically brand new with less than 5000km on it. I agree that 25th power seats suck, I’m pretty small and my body doesn’t fit well in them. I ended up finding a set of sport seats that I installed in my 25th and they are a huge upgrade in weight savings and comfort. My QV is the best driving Countach I have owned as everything is a little easier to operate.... the clutch is moderate with good feeling (25th releases right at the top of the clutch which makes it difficult to engage smoothly) the shifter is moderate (25th is much stiffer) the steering on the QV is great as I have the power steering installed (25th is very stiff). With all that said I’m selling my QV as I have always loved the look of the 25th! The Countach is the last of 9 Lambos in my garage I will pick as it sucks to drive but It’s so rewarding! The AC is only as good as its last charge and needs it about once a year in my opinion. I hope this has helped you in making your choice, I don’t think it has but best of luck. Find one in the best condition possible. if your interested in a QV then have a look at mine..... https://www.augustmotorcars.com/inventory/used-1988-lamborghini-countach-za9ca05a1jla12341
  4. I can’t remember what it is exactly but I think they increase the voltage. Miura’s also have the same issue
  5. FINALLY!!! I’m stoked you got one. The gas pedal is very very long in its engagement but shouldn’t be stiffer than a Countach. It should have a choke under the handbrake which is usually stiff to operate but very useful when the car is cold and you want to warm it up. Make sure you upgrade your windows so they go up and down at a normal speed. When removing the top make sure to put the windows down and seats forward before you try and store it behind the seats. If you have any questions then let me know as I’m on my second one. Get an exhaust system made as soon as possible as the Jalpa sounds great with one!
  6. That is really interesting idea that turned out great, I can’t wait to see the finished job!
  7. Merry Ho Ho and happy NY! I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for you all. For me I’m having my first kid!!! I’m stoked on it.
  8. Very cool, I would like to hear the history on your truck. It looks like it might have aftermarket wheels and maybe a front bumper, hard to tell from the picture. if your interested in parts then contact Glen at AMH Exotic parts. He can check and see what the factory has. If he can’t get what you want then contact Emilio, if he can’t then you need to get the parts made from scratch. I’m from Western Canada so cant point you in the right direction for a shop to use for service but would recommend a service every year and have them do an inspection at the same time. You should be proactive with maintance! congrat on the new truck
  9. That’s a great deal Greg! Somebody is going to get an amazing SV. Is it coming to August Motors? I’m just curious if I will get to see it.
  10. That’s a great color, I wonder which one of the boys in Van ordered it!
  11. I also don’t like this color combo at all. The Verde just doesn’t work on he SVJ
  12. Looks great with the Large SV stickers, I’m a sucker for SV stickers lol
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