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  1. That is really interesting idea that turned out great, I can’t wait to see the finished job!
  2. Merry Ho Ho and happy NY! I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for you all. For me I’m having my first kid!!! I’m stoked on it.
  3. Very cool, I would like to hear the history on your truck. It looks like it might have aftermarket wheels and maybe a front bumper, hard to tell from the picture. if your interested in parts then contact Glen at AMH Exotic parts. He can check and see what the factory has. If he can’t get what you want then contact Emilio, if he can’t then you need to get the parts made from scratch. I’m from Western Canada so cant point you in the right direction for a shop to use for service but would recommend a service every year and have them do an inspection at the same time. You should be proactive with maintance! congrat on the new truck
  4. That’s a great deal Greg! Somebody is going to get an amazing SV. Is it coming to August Motors? I’m just curious if I will get to see it.
  5. That’s a great color, I wonder which one of the boys in Van ordered it!
  6. I also don’t like this color combo at all. The Verde just doesn’t work on he SVJ
  7. Looks great with the Large SV stickers, I’m a sucker for SV stickers lol
  8. I have heard that they are more expensive to maintain compared to other brands and tons of quality/warranty issues. I have driven a few different macs and think they are very fast and fun, hopefully someone with ownership experience chimes in for you!
  9. Great review as always VCR! Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts in such a well executed manner. I feel like an uneducated Instagram poster after reading this lol
  10. I did not like it from the moment it came out, it is nothing like the LM002 that I love. I did get to drive one last month and holy shit is it awesome! It’s a 4 door practical Huracan. I loved the sounds it makes and it does everything that you expect it to do. After the test drive I wanted one, I slept on it and woke up and said not a chance! I don’t want to lose my shirt on ownership and I would be bored in a month with it. I hope Lambo jacks it up and makes a small pickup box on the back!
  11. I didn’t see any humour in your first post but it’s all good. I’m glad to see other Countach owners drive their cars, heck I don’t even like AllanLambo but he has to be my friend because he drives a Countach (that’s a joke Allan doesn’t have friends! Sorry I meant.....shit I’m bad at this). Enjoy your Countach and let’s see some new videos
  12. Hey bud, Glen from Lambo Club of Canada sent me your picture yesterday and I responded to him. Attached is a picture of my drivers side Jalpa headlight. You can see the three wires and the order they are attached.
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