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  1. rhyno

    Urus facelift models

    My dealer told me we should have more info about the 2022 model in a few weeks
  2. Orange is actually coming to Kelowna, BC
  3. My friend is getting the orange one and it just went into production
  4. You are correct VCR! My friend had a very high spec SVJ Roadster and was offered a Xago. The Xago was cheaper than his SVJ-R spec and a limited edition so he decided to go the Xago route.
  5. Yes each Xago has its own color so all are different.
  6. VCR, I can tell you that the Xago is sold out. My friend got the last one and it will be coming to Western Canada!
  7. rhyno

    Huracán STO

    The Spyder looks sick! Imagine the intake sound beside your head. I would love to see this in BLU Glauco
  8. Here is the link. Its my M-SV so let me know if you have any questions https://www.augustmotorcars.com/inventory/used-2010-lamborghini-murcielago-lp670-4-sv-awd-zhwbc8ah7ala03815
  9. Your making me want to take my Murci SV off the market! mine is white and I could wrap it a fun color
  10. congrats! The SV is the best of all the Murci's
  11. Nothing tops the sound of a M-SV! It’s unreal
  12. The picture of the seats on the ground are the factory power seats that come in almost all 25th cars. They are very narrow in the hips and shoulders and very uncomfortable even though they have power adjustments. The second picture is of the optional sport seats. I have heard they only made about 50 sets so they are very rare and hard to find. I don’t remember if I weighted them or not but they are vastly lighter then the power seats. They only have a manual forward and back function (no tilting). They are not as comfortable as the banana QV seats because they have less padding but they a
  13. I think all the Countach owners have summed up the pros and cons of the two models and the Countach overall. I do own a 1988.5 QV and a 1989 25th. Both are FI. I have also owned another 25th in the past and put a combined 28,000km of driving on all three cars. Every Countach is different than the next. My current 25th is the worst of the three to drive and it’s practically brand new with less than 5000km on it. I agree that 25th power seats suck, I’m pretty small and my body doesn’t fit well in them. I ended up finding a set of sport seats that I installed in my 25th and they are a huge u
  14. I can’t remember what it is exactly but I think they increase the voltage. Miura’s also have the same issue
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