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  1. I meant in that place they created in Oregon. Seemed like things were going well for them until they were messed with and got desperate and brought in the homeless and targeted officials out to get them. If there were only 50 or so people in the town and they bought most of the property you would think they could have just paid off the few holdouts left.
  2. Watched this over the weekend, crazy! I wonder how long they would have lasted if they were left alone. They may have been nuts but they cranked out the work in that place.
  3. Why would we want the thread deleted? Most would vote for him again tomorrow. Keep what you yourself? Do you you think people actually go around telling others they come from a shithole?
  4. How about if he clarified and said we just want the best people from these shithole countries as well as the best from any country or we don't need them at all. You think any of these Ivy League admissions wants the best and brightest or the first 5oo shitheads that apply? Why is it ok for them to have a process to better their institution but to better the USA is racist/homophobic/ xenophobic and whatever else. How can repubs counter all the new voters when there are only an uber full of them that are smart and would vote republican vs buss loads of new dem voters.
  5. I got my wife a power pressure cooker XL instapot from bed bath and beyond and it def gets her cooking more. They must be doing a massive internet marketing plan for these things because until she asked for it I had never heard of them and now I see people mentioning them all the time. She made pork chops in the thing last night, don't think she has ever made them in 15 years of marriage so I guess there are some benefits to the thing.
  6. Good idea, the amount of TDS out there is amazing, apparently it extends across our borders as well.
  7. There is no solution. Crazy people will always be able to harm people one way or another.
  8. Most likely a pissed off or fired sub. Nasty but better than concrete down the drains
  9. Most people do not go to the build every day like it sounds like you do and they don't see all this stuff but it always goes on. At least you were able to catch most things. Personally I would drop the things like blowing the nose on the wall and stick to the real issues that are most important to you. In the big scheme contractors leaving trash and a little overspray are no big deals, the pavers and drainage and wrong windows and issues like that are what I would focus on.
  10. Says the guy from Finland, maybe it's actual pride in our country and thanks to those that fought to protect it, images my ass.
  11. I don't know what you are watching, he called out the white nationalist 50 times by now. He also called out the scumbag Alt left and the press and libs go crazy. The mom of the woman that was killed accepted what Trump had to say. Both sides have poor excuses for humans but only the right can be called out without the snowflakes getting their collective panties in a bunch.
  12. I thought the whole point to immigration was to learn the language, embrace our culture and want to be an AMERICAN not still a member of whatever community you came from while using the resources of your new host country. The drain on public schools. hospitals, insurance and the extra crime that the laughable lib studies try to show sanctuary cities are safer than non which is a joke. If all immigration stopped tomorrow I don't thing we would me missing a beat. We should try a moratoriam on it for a few years and we can go over the data collected, criminal, graduation rates, gang violence etc. your stories of someone coming here with nothing and now they are driving an exotic with a nice business are one in a million. There are more gang violence, class disruption etc to wipe out anything good.
  13. Tony Rezco ring any bells? About as many people that cared about that give a shit about Kushner and his real estate deals. Where is the actual collusion?
  14. Maybe the lower skilled drones that get 15 per hr to start are taking from the people you describe. Once upon a time entry level jobs were just that, now they are supposed to support a family. Can't have it both ways. I still say someone contributing to wealth building will get rewarded by owner or another company will take that person.
  15. Anyone generating wealth for a company should be paid accordingly and if he isn't he is free to go elsewhere however you seem to feel like the wealth should be spread across all the workers, that's not how the world works. The owner may have been eating cheese sandwiches for 20 years before making it, jealous workers never seem to consider what it took the owner to get where he is.
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