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  1. sachin

    Who here meditates?

    For anyone interested in Meditation, this movie is in theatres around the USA right now. Fantastic movie! Yogananda's younger brother was also the teacher of Bikram choudhury (Bikram's Yoga)
  2. sachin

    Mannheim Request

    Not necessarily, auction condition reports can be all over the place and not always indicative of how a vehicle actually shows. Auction cars totally depend on who is watching the sale that day. Mileage plays a pretty big factor as well. There is a 2012 MP4 available right now wholesale for $148K with a tiny bit higher mileage than the one that sold for $121K. Of course, this is wholesale and not retail, no warranties/customer service levels are different etc. At this price level, I personally think there are tons of advantages buying retail vs. wholesale. Some quick searching and I found a pic of the orange one that sold for 121K
  3. sachin

    Mannheim Request

  4. sachin

    Very impressive performance by the GTR NISMO

    One thing to keep in mind is the msrp of the GTR Nismo is $151K. Another interesting note is that the 2015 Dodge Viper was reduced by $15000 today and now starts at $84995. Either way, very impressive! The Z/28 is also extremely impressive.
  5. sachin

    Sold in 1 day

    Saw this come up for sale, $398988 Canadian = $362810 USD
  6. sachin

    Who here meditates?

    I follow the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (many consider him to be the Father of Yoga in the west). He gives several techniques of meditation which have worked wonders for me. The teachings are based upon the universality of all true religions. One of his books, Autobiography of a Yogi, was the book that Steve Jobs gave to everyone who attended his memorial service (planned in advance, check the video). The book changed my life when I read it the first time. No big costs to pay or anything of the sort, they have mail out lessons and you pay the cost for printing/postage. Amazon Link to the book if anyone is interested:
  7. Didn't that vehicle have 80000+ Km on it? Probably had a small part in the lower price. Still a good deal!
  8. sachin

    Newport Lambo got a 25th Anniv 7386 (not sure if KM or Miles)
  9. Was just going through some old pictures and found this video from a trip in Dubai when a few friends and I rented a Ferrari F430 Spider & a Gallardo Spyder, both were E-Gear/F1.
  10. sachin

    Paul Walker Reported Dead in Car Crash

    Nice tribute done by the Fast & Furious Team
  11. sachin

    Paul Walker Reported Dead in Car Crash "A close examination of the video showing the Paul Walker's Porsche engulfed in flames reveals a shadowy image appearing to flail. There is now a swirl of speculation that the image, seen roughly 23 seconds into the clip, is Paul attempting to escape the death trap. "
  12. sachin

    Shop that can replace my clutch? - I'm in Ottawa Canada

    Tom is great to deal with. So is Daytona! Leny's is just down the street from our Dealership (less than a block away), they generally do the work on the Countach and Diablo (they also serviced the Gallardo TT before it was sold and a number of our Ferraris).
  13. sachin


    Something seemed off with Silva. Check out this interview BEFORE the fight. At the end of it he says the same thing he did in the post fight, he doesnt want a rematch and he is tired. The best result is Chris winning. I don't think he took a dive, but it was almost like he didn't have his heart in it. Like, I'm going to act like a fool in this fight and do what I want, if I win or lose it doesnt matter. He was acting way more outlandish than he has in his other fights. Joe Ferraro: If you had a perfect fight against Chris Weidman on Saturday night, what is your perfect fight? Anderson Silva: "CHRIS WEIDMAN (makes crowd noise) CHRIS WEIDMAN!!! CHRIS WEIDMAN is the best in the world! Chris Weidman is the new champion de UFC!" Ferraro: "Because there would be a rematch after that?" Silva: "No man. I'm tired bro. No rematch. I'm tired. I win, I win, I win. Go back for all the fights. Please."
  14. sachin

    Kid has a great point

    Here is the video again
  15. I can't imagine cruising around and leaving the bumper like that. Would go right to the shop on a flatbed if it was me. I wonder if something that low impact could cause issues with the awd system or lift system