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  1. the shop I use did a tune and exhaust on one that went 10.6, thats moving pretty good!
  2. I am hoping someone on LP can help me. I am trying to figure out if installed cat bypass pipes need to be totally removed to access the secondary o2 sensors on an SV-R (in order to put o2 extenders in place)? It seems like a TON of work just to access sensors that may occasionally need to be addressed by the dealer. Or can you get to them with from the top of the engine without removing the wing, bumper, etc. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. The dealers I have talked to are only getting one allotment and have people lined up to pay over sticker for them.
  4. They just changed ownership, they're now under the Weld brand
  5. ?? "It is the second time the ­25-year-old has been targeted on Gold Coast roads, after another man pointed a shotgun at her in an incident at Arundel last ­August."
  6. Help me understand. You clearly have something to do with DP, whether it be work there, had a car done there, whatever. you keep getting banned and rejoining... Just to annoy people? Is that really your motivation behind wasting your own time? Just to annoy people? If you work for DP you are making the shop look pathetic and helped me make up my mind where I'm sending my next lambo for a turbo if I decide to go that route again.
  7. ah PERFECT. Thank you all. It was driving me fcuking nuts.
  8. I wasnt sure where to post this... Somehow I screwed up the way the forum displays. Instead of seeing peoples replies to subjects I get a list as seen in the picture below. It has got to be a stupid setting I cant find. Any ideas? it is driving me CRAZY.
  9. not sure. Here is another one they sent me.
  10. nice pick up! Tune and exhaust made a huge difference on the two H's my friends own.
  11. boom. This thing is a MONSTER. Downpipe and tune vs. Stock
  12. I have two buddies with Huracans that are probably going to want these. I'll have Dave text you
  13. maybe in california. In PA it's incredibly easy and fast to get a gun, you can also own machine guns, short barrel rifles, suppressors... Exactly how it should be.
  14. I dont see how they are going to work around the turn and wiper stalks, unless you plan to shift every time you pull one of them in.
  15. Why not take the cats out? The local shop I use just did a Larini setup with no cats and it sounds like a fcuking F1 car (before they got all gay). There's no engine lights, and the car picked up stupid power. We're doing cat bypass pipes on my 488 tomorrow too.
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