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  1. Where have all my postings of some 9000 posts gone to?? :(:(:(:(
  2. Yes the previous owner had a custom made exhaust. Im more inclined towards Larini, all my previous Lambos had Larini. Please keep the Diablo, in all honesty the drive is so much more exciting compared to the 670SV I had before.
  3. Not really as long as your willing to pay the certificate of entitlement which is now going at USD22-23k and keep it for another 10 years. Not into spacers especially at high speeds you just never know. I can live with this offset for now.
  4. Yes thanks but that car was a 1999 built and mines a 2000 built
  5. So can anyone help check for me is mine the last Diablo that rolled out of the factory? I was told it is and this has gotten me really curious. XLA12438.
  6. Yes I tried the password but still didn’t work , will drop u a pm tomorow
  7. Thanks! Yes I can feel the resonances which I love actually, feels really raw which is what it’s all about, the drama. Suspension is quiet but only the cabin interior creaks Iike there are crickets in the car. Not a lot but the sound is there.
  8. Hello everyone. Apparently all my posts something like 9000 postings have disappeared. Anyway I created a new account and just picked up the only Diablo SV in Singapore. Nothing has ever come close to putting such a big smile on my face every time I drive this car, being a manual I love bleeping the throttle and up or down shifting. Not even my 670SV or Aventador's came close to the satisfaction this Diablo gives me. It feels like a proper proper Italian muscle car and of course it is a thoroughbred Italian exotic. I gather only some 100pcs were made from which a very few like mine in right ha
  9. Looks similar overall compared to the current Phantom 7
  10. Weakest links will be front shocks and bushings
  11. For me it has to be Long and the Phantom, king of kings
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