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  1. Oh I love that !!! More driving impressions needed. And please put it fully fuelled on a scale, I'm very curious to know how heavy it is.
  2. Agreed. Well said. Another thing to add to what you already said; people only want something they feel guaranteed to make money on, because of some supposed low production numbers. At least Lamborghini are willing to build their most exclusive car in bigger numbers than expected, so people who WANT the car and to use it, will actually be able to buy one. This should be applauded! Unlike Porsche or Ferrari where you have to jump through hoops and beg to get a car, and even then you aren't sure of getting the car at list price. Bravo Lambo!! I love the SV-J.
  3. You can actually recline / tilt the carbon buckets, same as in MurciSV, or Aventadors or Performante. It needs to be done by fixed, ie: through actual screws and bolts; then it’s fixed in the new tilted position. That really helps in terms of headroom and making the seats more comfortable to sit in.
  4. I have driven a 991.1 GT3 , left me very cold. I found the car lacking in emotion, in comparison to my 997.2 GT3RS. It felt bigger, more comfortable, and less connected to the road, not as hardcore. For me its no comparison. YEs the mk2 991 GT3 is supposed to be better, but the electronic steering rather than hydraulic really is very poor in steering feel. I would look for a nice 997.2 GT3RS. Last of the Metzger, last of the hydraulic steering, no rear wheel steering, simple and more hardcore. I don't know the pricing in USA, but over here the 997.2RS is cheaper than the 991.2 GT3. That i
  5. congratulations. car looks fantastic. is the body from original parts or a kit/duplicates?
  6. Very cool Love your website. How do I get the black stripe rather than tricolore Italian flag, on your configurator. I can't find it.
  7. I doubt they are hiding much about the ALA. The genius of it, is that its so simple, yet fantastically and surprisingly effective. Yes, brute force would do it for me, it needs to crush the Performante on any highway pulls. If i would spend double the HP, then I wouldn't accept a close acceleration run. We keep hearing from people that the V12 can easily make 800hp.... well now is the time to show us. Ferrari have released the insane engine in the 812 SuperDuperFast, so I'm sure Domenicalli would love to one-up his old buddies across town. I always have more interest in the la
  8. will this be a worthy step up? will Lambo finally make it stand out head and shoulders above the AventadorS? This needs to be a crushing blow to anything else that Lamborghini offers, as at the moment the Huracan Performante is actually the best car. An awesome drive, as you can read from my own thread with full review on it. AventadorS felt slow and very archaic in comparison.... I would love Lamborghini to produce something that places the V12 back at the very top, untouched by anything else, nothing should come close to it. Anything less than 800hp, and a minimum of 100kg w
  9. I love the car. Incredible canyon carver indeed! Let us know how it is on track, especially after very long stints.
  10. Yes, fully agree that its the range that is annoying, that it is variable depending on factors. Fixed ratio per setting would be perfect way to do the cross/sport/strada setting changes.
  11. manual lp640 roadster, is epic. what was the reserve price, at which it would've sold? that is a ridiculous priced service ! I'm at 22k miles, and never had such a costly service.
  12. Performante all day every day. Either way, very impressive track times by both cars.
  13. To my eyes the Aston Martin Valkyrie is absolutely breath taxingly stunning. Additionally it has a V12 naturally aspirated, and it has more power than it has kg's to drag along !! That is insane. This nasty ugly abomination has a very developed version of the MP4-12C, and it looks like Stevie Wonder designed it. Im sure it will be insanely fast, but you would need to blindfold yourself to walk to and from this car. Oh, and the Veneno (debatable design, but I dig the extremeness of its looks) and Centenario (beautiful !) are just bodykits .... Lamborghini should for once actually b
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